The U.S. Senate approved the candidacy Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state

Rex TeleradioMoldova: trump urged to take a fresh look at foreign policy Nominated by the President of the United States Donald trump is the candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson confirmed in office. The corresponding decision by the majority of votes adopted the Senate of the US Congress, reports Reuters. According to the Agency, the roll-call vote, the Republicans supported Tillerson, while nearly all Democrats opposed. In the Senate, as well as in the house of representatives, now the majority belongs to the Republicans. Trump has nominated the former head of Exxon Mobil Tillerson to the post of head of the Department of state on December 13. 11 January, when the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs of the United States considered candidates Tillerson, he stressed that it considers illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia. According to him, the administration trump recognizes the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia

Trump urged to take a fresh look at foreign policy

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump, Mike Pence The President of the United States Donald trump during the ceremony of swearing in new Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, the White house urged to take a fresh look at foreign policy. It is reported by RIA Novosti. “It is time to take a fresh look at foreign policy, events around,” said the American leader expressed confidence in the ability “to achieve peace and stability in this difficult time”. He also acknowledged that “countries have a right to protect their interests.” According to the American leader, the US “needs in foreign policy to strengthen stability and security”. However, he acknowledged that often in this process, “we are trapped in violence and war.” In this regard, he noted “the importance of strengthening existing and establishing new alliances the United States to extend American strategic interests and security.” Trump expressed confidence that Tillerson bring to the

In Delaware, the prisoners took hostage the prison staff

In the us state of Delaware, the prisoners took hostages, reports Associated Press. In the morning, the correctional officer inside one of the buildings, gave a signal of help, he responded to some of his colleagues. As a result, five workers were captured by rebellious criminals. One of the hostages the prisoners released four hours later. He was hospitalized with injuries that do not pose a threat to life. Did anyone else injury is still unknown. Officials are conducting negotiations with the prisoners. “We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all participants and to use all available resources”, — said journalists the representative of police of staff Richard Braz. One of the prisoners said that the reason that prompted them to go for it, was the policy of the new President of Donald trump. “We know that the institution will change for the worse,” he said. He

Sands found the conflict in the Donbass another opportunity to improve relations with the United States

Dmitry Peskov The escalation of the conflict on the contact line in the Donbass may be cause for the immediate resumption of cooperation between Russia and the United States. This view on Wednesday, February 1, was expressed by the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. He recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart Donald trump in a recent telephone conversation did not discuss the subject of Ukraine, in conversation only emphasized the need to resolve the crisis. “As for the current escalation on the contact line, then perhaps this is another reason for an early resumption of dialogue and cooperation between Russia and America, including the interests and decisions of the junction of the Ukrainian knot,” — said Peskov. On the eve of the UN Security Council expressed concern over the deteriorating situation in the Donbass, and called immediately to restore the ceasefire. The Russian

In the Sverdlovsk region decided to create a movement named after Eduard Rossel

Eduard Rossel The leader of Sverdlovsk branch of party “Patriots of Russia” Sergey Arutin intends to create a movement in honor of the former head of region, member of the Federation Council Eduard Rossel. He said this to “Kommersant”. The movement called “Rossel is our Governor!” is meant to draw attention to the need to use his experience and knowledge, explained Arotin. “The media now try to turn over, as if we want to put Rosell against the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvasheva, we convert it into a political moment,” he said. Rossel himself called the idea of creating movement in his name crazy. According to him, the representative of the Sverdlovsk “Patriots of Russia” did not consult with him. “There is a Governor Kuyvashev Evgeny, he will go to the polls, I support him”, — said the Senator. Elections of the head of the Sverdlovsk region will be held on 10

In the Kremlin commented on the arrest of the FSB officers on charges of treason

Dmitry Peskov The arrest of the staff of the information security Center of FSB of Russia in the case of treason is not related to hacker attacks in the United States during the election campaign. On Wednesday, February 1, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”. “In any case, no cases of this kind can not have a relationship to these ridiculous insinuations, because, as we have said, we categorically deny any allegations about the possible involvement of the Russian side to any hacking attacks”, — said Peskov. He also suggested that President Vladimir Putin reported on the media publications on the issue. “I is not known”, — he said, answering a question of journalists, informed the Russian leader about the arrests of officers of the FSB. Earlier on Wednesday it became known that Sergey Mikhailov, leader of one of divisions of information security

NATO Secretary General urged Russia to “based on power dialogue”

Photo: RIA Novosti The Alliance and the new US administration is not aimed at the cold war and confrontation with Russia and “I want dialogue based on the force,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This statement Stoltenberg spoke before talks with the new President of Bulgaria Rumena by Radium, reports TASS. He also said that NATO in February to finalize a package of measures to strengthen the military presence in the Black sea region. According to him, the Alliance will increase the presence on land, at sea and in the air.

Putin instructed to ensure the issuance of biometric passports in all MFC

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting with members of the government charged to ensure the processing and issuance of passports, containing electronic media, in all of the multipurpose centers (MPC), the press service of the Kremlin. The government will also consider the conversion of an IFC in accordance with the necessary technical requirements for the issuance of such passports. Responsible for the execution of orders assigned to the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

In the state Duma, called statements of Kiev on the An-26 is a red herring

A member of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin described the application of Kiev about the shelling of the Ukrainian An-26 aircraft over the Black sea attempt to divert attention from events in the Donbas violation of Minsk agreement. It is reported by RIA Novosti.   Earlier in the press service of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak reported to the President about the shelling of the Ukrainian transport plane during a training flight.   Later, the Ukrainian defense Ministry said that a Ukrainian transport plane, the Navy An-26 was fired from small arms supposedly from the drilling rigs of the Russian Federation in the Black sea.   At the headquarters of the Russian black sea fleet have denied this information, noting that An-26 made two provocative sunset at extremely low altitude and regarded it as a provocation.  

Two trucks collided on the ring road: there are victims

On the 105-th km of Moscow ring road accident occurred. According to preliminary data, on the highway collided with two trucks Hyundai Porter and KAMAZ.   As a result of collision one person was injured. He was given first aid at the scene of the accident.   At the scene staffed emergency services. Movement on an emergency site is not difficult. The causes of the collision of the truck and details of the accident are specified.