Marine Le Pen called anti-Russian sanctions “an absolutely stupid”

Marine Le Pen

The leader of the French party “national front” candidate for President marine Le Pen called anti-Russian sanctions “an absolutely stupid”. Such a statement she made to CNN Wednesday, February 1.

According to her, the restrictive measures did not solve any problems and have not improved the situation. “Everything that made the sanctions — this has created large economic problems for the countries of the European Union”, — said Le Pen. According to her, you need to “step back” from the looks of the cold war.

Le Pen has repeatedly advocated the restoration of relations with Russia. So, on January 17, the politician stated that in case of victory on elections of the President of France recognize Crimea as Russian. In her opinion, the affiliation of the Peninsula Ukraine “was merely an administrative issue Soviet times.” She also expressed regret that the past in 2014, a referendum “was not perceived in the international community and the UN”. In addition, she promised to advocate for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

3 January, Le Pen said that he does not consider the illegal annexation of Crimea to Russia. 13 November 2016, the politician has expressed opinion that Europe should not be afraid of the Kremlin and ignore Russia, “living with her in the context of the cold war.”

Presidential elections will be held in France in two rounds — on April 23 and may 7. According to several public opinion polls, in the second round, except for marine Le Pen, will also host its rival, won the primaries of the center-right party “the Republicans”-former Prime Minister, Francois Fillon. However, amid the financial scandal involving the wife, the level of credibility began to fall.

Crimea and Sevastopol became part of Russia in March 2014 following a referendum. Ukraine considers the territory temporarily occupied and does not recognize the industry. Moscow considers the question of Crimean status closed.