The Syrian government accepted the plan a recovery Aleppo

The Cabinet of Syria has adopted a program that contains a plan for a phased restoration of the city of Aleppo. It is reported by the Agency SANA.   The plan calls for the restoration of public services and industry, the return to work of educational and medical institutions, as well as strengthening security.   Additionally, Syria has formed a working group, consisting of the Ministers of public works and housing, local government and tourism, which will oversee implementation of the plan.   Officially the city of Aleppo, was liberated from the terrorists of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” 22 Dec 2016. Photo: Muhammad Juma / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

Trump felt foolish opponents of good relations with Russia

Donald Trump The US President-elect Donald trump called good a good relationship with Russia. This was the Republican wrote on Saturday, January 7, on his Twitter page. “To have good relations with Russia is a good thing, not bad. Only “stupid” people or fools may believe that it’s bad!” — the politician considers. According to him, the US has “enough problems around the world.” While the Republican promised that during his reign “Russia will respect us much more than now.” He added that “both countries will work together on addressing some of the serious and pressing problems and issues of world importance”. 6 January, the Republican expressed confidence that hackers did not affect the result of the elections of the President. He also called a “witch hunt” statements about the Russian cyber attacks on American organizations. December 29, 2016, the United States imposed sanctions against a number of citizens and

The body of a 12-year-old boy found in the East of Moscow

In Moscow started checking into the death of 12-year-old boy. About it “” reported in the Saturday, January 7, in the main Investigative Committee in the city. The body of a child found in the evening near one of the houses on the street Perovskoy. The investigators reported injuries consistent with falling from a considerable height. At the present time are the circumstances of the incident, interview the parents of the victim and possible witnesses. As reported “Lente.Roux,” a source, the boy was found dead after he went for a walk. Presumably, the child had climbed on the roof, but slipped and fell. The audit will set the degree of fault of officials of the operating company that are required to monitor the unavailability of attics and basements, he added. At the end of December in the apartment building on the South-West of Moscow, was found the body of a

American children are taught to recognize the Russian Crimea

Photo: TC “Star” American baby educational Kids Learning Tube channel published a video in which the Crimea is included in structure of the Russian Federation. The video, designed to explain to children the Federal device of Russia, animated 85 subjects of the Russian Federation are singing that they are part of a large country. 11 Mar 2014 amid the change of power in Ukraine, the Supreme Council of Crimea and Sevastopol city Council adopted the Declaration on independence of Autonomous Republic of Crimea. On 16 March with a turnout of over 80%, a referendum was held, the results of which for the reunification with Russia voted 96,77% of voters of the Republic of Crimea and 95.6% of voters of Sevastopol. The U.S. government does not recognize this vote.

In Lithuania “guess the melody” shut the Nazi salute in the air

The Lithuanian version of entertainment “name that tune” was closed after one of the participants showed the air the Nazi salute. It is reported RIA Novosti citing local media.   Actress of Lithuanian theatre and cinema ASTA Bayote while recording programmes on the state TV channel LRT, guessing the song by Lithuanian composer Go of Donskova, who is a Jew by origin, one hand showed a gesture of the Nazi salute and the other attached to the upper lip and shouted “Jew”.Leading did not respond to the incident, considering that these shots will be on the cutting room floor.   Learning about the incident, the company’s administration decided to close the program. Video: Dovydas Skarolskis / Facebook

Five suspects of involvement in the murder of Ambassador Charles arrested in Turkey

Rally in memory of slain Andrew Charles at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow In Turkey in the framework of the investigation of the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov arrested five people. On Saturday, January 7, reports the Turkish Anadolu Agency, citing Prosecutor’s office of Izmir. Four of them are colleagues of a killer COP Mevlut MERTa of Altıntaş. Another man — an activist organization of the Turkish opposition leader Fethullah Gulen living in the United States; he oversaw the supporters of the organization from among students of the police school in Izmir. The arrested accused of belonging to an armed terrorist organization. 29 Dec 2016, it became known that the citizen of Russia, a friend of Mevlut of Altıntaş, questioned in Moscow. Ambassador Andrei Karlov, was shot dead in Ankara at the Gallery of modern art the evening of December 19 during the

Communal accident in the Queen has left without heat of about 60 houses

About 60 apartment buildings in Korolev near Moscow were left without heating as a result of communal accident, which occurred early Saturday morning, January 7. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the administration of the science city. Mass shutdown occurred at approximately 06:30. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in most houses the heat supply was restored within a half hour. “16 houses remained. But the situation is not critical, everything is under control, the forecast of their connections — 16:00”, — he said. In homes that still lack heat, there are about a thousand people. The place of the accident are excavation and welding work. They involve about 80 people and 15 vehicles. On the night of January 7, the weather forecasters promised residents of the capital region frosts to a minus of 35 degrees. In the Moscow management of the Ministry warned that in such conditions

A U.S. intelligence report in the state Duma called an insult to American public opinion

Photo: RIA “Vladim” The head of the Duma Committee on information policy, Leonid Levin believes a direct insult to the American public opinion statements N. I. saying that the Russian media could seriously affect the outcome of the presidential election. Recall, on the eve was published the report of US intelligence about the “Russian interference” in the elections, the majority of which is devoted to Sputnik and RT. The evidence, as usual, is not given, although Moscow has repeatedly denied such allegations and asked for confirmation. “Allegations that the Russian information resources could seriously affect the opinion of the American voter, are a direct insult to the American public opinion. Even more humiliating for the entire American political system the actual statement that the publication of a few facts about one of the parties has become a threat to the bicentennial of the American state,” said Levin, RIA Novosti reported.

Kerry acknowledged that Putin turned the tide of the war in Syria

In an interview with American TV channel MSNBC U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry admitted that Russia has managed to dramatically turn the tide of the war in Syria and did not allow extremists to take Damascus and crush mode.   According to Secretary of state, supporting the legitimate government of Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin “saved” Syria from the “extremists ultimately would capture the whole country.”     Kerry also acknowledged that the only solution to the Syrian conflict is peaceful negotiations.   However, the Secretary of state recalled that the reconstruction of Syria is a long process and Putin may need the assistance of the international community. Photo: Yin Bogu / Globallokpress

USA in 2016 dropped more than 26 thousand bombs on seven countries

American bomber B-52 USA for 2016 dropped 26 171 bomb in seven countries, the largest number of them were in Syria. This is stated in the report, the American expert on foreign policy and national security Mickey Zenko (Micah Zenko), published on the website of the Council on foreign relations. According to the expert, 192 12 bombs were dropped in Syria. 12 095 applied in Iraq, 1337 — in Afghanistan, 496 — in Libya, 34 — in Yemen, 12 in Somali, and 3 in Pakistan. In 2015, according to the author of the report, the United States dropped bombs on 3027 less. In addition, while the list was not Libya. Zenko emphasizes that we are talking about low numbers, as during a single stroke may be dropped several bombs, and reliable data is only in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. Information on Syria and Iraq specialist has collected from the