Christmas night was the coldest in Moscow for 120 years

The night of Saturday, January 7, was the most frosty in Moscow since the beginning of winter. About it RIA Novosti reported in the weather center “Phobos”. According to meteorologists, the air in the capital has cooled down to minus 29.9 degrees, and in the field — to minus 33.4 degrees. “Even over the past 120 years the lowest temperature in this Christmas night,” said the center. The record low temperature was set in Moscow in 1891, reports TASS. Then on Christmas night recorded almost minus 34.8 degrees. At this, the warmest day of 7 January was in 2007: maximum temperature reached plus 3.5 degrees. January 6 the capital Glaucus MOE warned of possible abnormal temperatures down to minus 35 degrees in Moscow on the night of 7 and 8 January. The Agency warned that due to low temperatures increasing the risk of fires and accidents on utilities and power

The United States overthrew a minimum of 26 thousand bombs on seven countries during the year

In 2016, the United States dropped 26 171 thousand bombs in seven countries. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the American expert on foreign policy and national security Micah Zenko. Its data is published on the website of the Council on foreign relations (CFR).   Of the more than 26 thousand bombs, more than 12 thousand were dropped on Syria, about the same munitions “hit” in Iraq. In Afghanistan, the U.S. military dropped 1337 bombs in Libya – 496. 34 bombs were dropped in Yemen, 12 in Somalia and three in Pakistan.   The expert stressed that these figures are grossly underestimated, as reliable information is only on Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. One airstrike, as a rule, can include multiple bombs.   Data for Syria and Iraq Zenko and his colleague, Jennifer Wilson, was collected using the reports of the Pentagon and the Internet archive. They found

Team trump has promised aggressive action against cyber attacks

Mike Pence The administration elected President of the USA of Donald trump will take aggressive steps to combat cyber attacks. As reported on Saturday, January 7 Reuters, said elected Vice-President Mike Pence. “The President-elect has made it clear that from the first days of our administration, we are going to take aggressive steps to combat cyber attacks and protect the American people from these kinds of attacks in the future,” the statement said. The trump January 6 after a meeting with representatives of the intelligence devoted to cyber attacks, recognized that different countries, including Russia and China carried out cyber attacks on government agencies of the United States, but expressed confidence that the hackers did not affect the result of the presidential election. The President-elect also promised to form a special team to counter the hackers, which within 90 days after its inauguration will have to develop a plan. However,

A fire in a Moscow hotel liquidated

Continued: Investigators began an investigation after the discovery of a corpse in a burned-out hotel A fire in a hotel in the North-East of Moscow is liquidated. On Saturday, January 7, reports of EMERCOM in Moscow. According to rescuers, the fire completely extinguished at 08:45. Its total area of 700 square meters. On-site emergency continues in the rubble and the structures with water. TASS, citing data from medical reports that the fire killed one person, injured nine. Four of them were hospitalized, the remaining aid was provided on site. Information about the fire in the hotel at the Yaroslavl highway came at 06:10. The causes of the fire are established.

US intelligence released a report on “Russian hackers”

The office of the Director of national intelligence released on Friday, the unclassified version of the report on the cyber attacks, which allegedly were made “Russian” hackers during the American election campaign in 2016. The document “assessment of the activities of Russia in the outcome of the elections in the USA” published on the website of American intelligence.   In the report, U.S. intelligence agencies once again groundlessly accused Russia of undermining confidence in the Democratic party during the election campaign. Also the Kremlin is accused of deliberately undermining repeticii former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Although during the elections and after the results Clinton repeatedly became the participant of loud scandal.   The report was presented razvedochnaya such as the CIA, FBI and NSA. In addition to accusations against Russia, the report said that the hackers do not directly affect the outcome of the US election and attacked their

Trump explained cyberattacks negligence of the democratic party USA

Cyber attacks on the servers of the democratic party of the USA became possible because of the negligence of the members of the party National Committee. Such opinion was voiced on Twitter the US President-elect Donald trump. “Gross negligence of the National Committee of the Democratic party allowed a hacker attack. National Committee of Republicans are seriously protected!” — wrote, the future head of the White house. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 07 Jan 2017, 03:53 In an interview with the Associated Press, trump said that he “learned a lot” after the meeting with the leadership of American intelligence. At the same time, the President-elect refused to directly answer the question about the possible involvement of Russian cyber attacks, limiting the phrase: “It was really great meeting, I really liked these people.” The US President-elect January 6, after a briefing with the representatives of the intelligence devoted to the hacker

Putin met Christmas in an ancient monastery near Veliky Novgorod

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met Christmas in Svyato-Yuriev monastery in Novgorod region. About it reports on Saturday, January 7, RIA Novosti. Svyato-Yuryev monastery is one of the oldest in Russia. According to legend, the monastery at the source of the Volkhov from lake Ilmen laid in 1030 Prince Yaroslav the Wise. In 1119 by order of Prince Vsevolod Mstislavovich in this place there was the first stone of the Cathedral Church. After the solemn Liturgy Putin talked with the local fishermen, with whom he had met in September during the visit to Novgorod oblast, along with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “I am confident that in the coming year will be better than the one that passed,” he said. Putin asked the fishermen catch in the past year, those admitted that he was less than expected, due to the early ice on the lake. They also thanked

Some Americans believe Putin more than the Democrats – Obama

Incumbent President Barack Obama said that some Americans, primarily supporters of the Republican party, believe Russian President Vladimir Putin than the Democrats. About this American leader said in an interview with ABC, reports TASS.   “We have recently seen a lot of comments, which suggests that there are Republicans, experts or the leading television, which seem to have more trust in Vladimir Putin than to fellow Americans, because those are the Democrats,” Obama said.   Obama also stressed that the elected President of the United States Donald Trump must remember that he is in a team with other political figures of the United States, not President of Russia.   “I will only say one thing, I said it after the election, we need to remind ourselves that we are on the same team. Vladimir Putin is not on our team”, – he said.   Previously elected President of the United

The media learned about plans for Clinton to run for mayor of new York

Hillary Clinton Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is considering the possibility of participation in elections of the mayor of new York, which will be held on 7 November. About it reports the tabloid New York Daily News, citing a senior source in the Democratic party. Supporters of Clinton, according to the publication, urging her to challenge the incumbent new York mayor bill de Blasio. The latter had previously supported close ties with the Clinton couple, but the relationship soured after he refused to support the nomination of former Secretary of state for the presidency of the United States. Clinton herself has not commented on this information. As noted by New York Daily News, many experts doubt that she will dare to get back into the political arena. Participation by Clinton in the election of the mayor of new York also hampered by the fact that she lives outside the town