In the MOE warned about poor visibility on the roads in Moscow because of the fog

Capital rescuers warn motorists about the severe deterioration of visibility on roads. This is stated on the official website of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow.   “In Moscow (including Tina) expected fog with visibility of 200-500 meters. Due to fog possible deterioration of visibility, obstruction of traffic and the increasing number of accidents”, – stated in the message Department.   Pedestrians are advised to fasten on clothing reflective elements. Bad weather has made adjustments in the work of the capital airports. Only in Sheremetyevo cancelled and delayed about 50 flights. The situation is complicated by the fact that, in addition to fog, in Moscow was established anomalous frosts. Photo: Igor Torgman / VKontakte

Dni’s office is putting US predicted the risk of conflict in the next five years

The Director of National intelligence of the USA James Klepper In the next five years, the risk of conflict between and within countries will increase to an unprecedented level since the cold war. To such conclusion analysts of the National intelligence of the United States, reports Reuters Monday, January 9. According to the authors of the report “Global trends: a Paradox of progress,” it will happen due to the fact that the present world order undermine the anti-globalization and nationalism. As factors shaping the “dark and difficult near future”, experts have identified regional conflicts, terrorism, growing inequality in terms of income, climate change, weak economic growth, as well as “increasingly assertive” Russia and China. The report also noted that in the coming decades will increase the level of threat of terrorism, which will come from small groups and individuals, “armed with new ideas and technologies.” The report was published less

Putin said about the readiness to increase work with Egypt in fight against terror

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi after the death of people in the attack in El-Arish in the Northern Sinai Peninsula, reports TASS on Monday, January 9th. “The incident once again confirms the need of consolidation of efforts of the world community to counter international terrorism,” the telegram reads. Putin confirmed the readiness of the Russian side to further increase cooperation with Egyptian partners in the fight against terror. The Russian leader also conveyed words of sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. On Monday morning, the radicals attacked a police checkpoint in El-Arish in the North of Egypt. The militants fired at the checkpoint from a grenade and detonated an explosive device planted in a parked nearby car. Killing nine people, at least 10 were wounded. 8 January, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter has described

Putin instructed to invite children deported from U.S. to Russian diplomats on the Christmas tree in the Kremlin

Photo: © Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS, archive The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to invite the children of all employees of the Russian diplomatic missions sent from the United States by the administration of Barack Obama, on a Christmas tree in the Kremlin. About it journalists were reported by the press service of the head of state. Earlier it was reported that the aircraft sent from U.S. diplomats landed in Moscow. Last Thursday, leaving the Obama administration in the US introduced new anti-Russian sanctions that have affected some of the Russian companies, the Federal security service and Main Directorate (former GRU) of the Russian General staff, and senior management GU. In addition, the US authorities declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and shut down the Russians for access to the Embassy recreation in the States of new York and Maryland. Its punitive measures Washington were connected with hacker attacks on

The General Director of “KAMAZ-master”: Russia extruded from leaders of “Dakar”

The Director of the team “KAMAZ-master” Sergey Kogogin, said about the attempts of the organizers of the rally-RAID “Dakar” to remove the Russian racers among the leaders of the standings. Kogogin words leads TASS.   “For years we’ve won the race, what about mere participation, without a win, is difficult. It is obvious that the organizers are doing everything to create the conditions for the replacement of the leader in the Dakar rally,” – said Kogoghin.   The Director of the team also said that “KAMAZ-master” can suspend participation in rally-raids due to the need of developing a new motor.   Earlier, on 5 January, it was reported that the crew of the Russian team “KAMAZ-master” running Eduard Nikolaev won the first place in the third stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar” in offset of trucks. Photos: Marcelo Maragni / Globallookpress

Sands: potential meeting between Putin and trump will require training with regard to relations

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, January 9. /TASS/. Possible future meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the elected President of the United States Donald trump will require careful preparation, given the current state of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States. Such opinion expressed press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, stressing that during the new year holidays, specific work was carried out.

The Italian movement “Five stars” has decided to abandon euroscepticism

Beppe Grillo Italian opposition movement “Five stars” comes from a faction of British politics Nigel Farage’s “Europe of freedom and democracy”, uniting eurosceptics in the European Parliament (EP). This was reported in his blog, the founder and leader of the Italian party Beppe Grillo. In a message to supporters, he wrote that the UK independence Party (UKIP) Farage, a member of the faction, after a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU “achieved its political goal.” In this regard, Grillo suggested deputies of the movement “Five stars” go to the faction of the Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), chaired by the former Belgian Prime Minister guy Verhofstadt. According to The Local, many supporters accused the movement of “Five stars” in the rejection of euroscepticism, and in an effort to strengthen its position in the European Parliament, where only fractional parties have political weight and receive funding from

In Krasnoyarsk the village died “Siberian Robinson”

Mikhail Baburin In the Krasnoyarsk region died the only resident of the village of mykhailivka Mikhail Baburin, which the media called “Siberian Robinson” reports Baburin died on the 6th of January, on the eve of his 67th birthday. The words stayed with him in the time son Denis, the man became ill when he went to feed the sheep. Presumably, the cause of death was heart problems. As the “7 channel Krasnoyarsk”, the head of the village Council of the neighboring Georgievka Sergei Panarin noted that the organization of the funeral Baburin had to sell his animals and property. In the near future in Mikhaylovka will shut off power lines, and it will cease to exist. In December 2016 Baburin became the hero of the material the British newspaper The Independent. It was reported that he was born in Mikhailovka, and later worked at the Krasnoyarsk plant, but in

Patriarch Kirill: you don’t have to be Superman to feel God

Photo: RIA Novosti The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill at the end at the end of a festive night service in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior congratulated the Russians on Christmas and wished the faithful to always feel the divine presence, reports TASS. “I heartily congratulate you with the great and world-saving feast of the Nativity. This day is especially faithful in heart to feel the divine presence,” — said the Patriarch. According to him the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, “to feel God, you don’t need to be Superman, no need to strain your superhuman strength — you only need to sincerely turn to the Lord in prayer, and He answers this prayer.” He also noted that on Christmas day, believers feel a special proximity to God and beg Him not to leave them “ways of life”, at the same time, the Patriarch added. “Each

Posted a video of death race expensive SUVs in Tyumen

In the new video for lethal racing in expensive foreign cars in Tyumen. Footage on the DVR came the moment of the accident, the shooting has placed local portal Tyumen Times.   The video shows how two cars are moving at high speed, about 160 kilometers per hour, then the driver of the black Range Rover during an unsuccessful road maneuver loses control. Car fishtailing and spinning, throws to the sidelines, where it hits a concrete wall.   It is reported that the accident killed two people: 37-year-old Range Rover driver and his 35-year-old wife.   The deceased couple left three children, and, according to local journalists, the couple is expecting their fourth. Video: Tyumen Times2 /