Dni’s office is putting US predicted the risk of conflict in the next five years

The Director of National intelligence of the USA James Klepper

In the next five years, the risk of conflict between and within countries will increase to an unprecedented level since the cold war. To such conclusion analysts of the National intelligence of the United States, reports Reuters Monday, January 9.

According to the authors of the report “Global trends: a Paradox of progress,” it will happen due to the fact that the present world order undermine the anti-globalization and nationalism.

As factors shaping the “dark and difficult near future”, experts have identified regional conflicts, terrorism, growing inequality in terms of income, climate change, weak economic growth, as well as “increasingly assertive” Russia and China.

The report also noted that in the coming decades will increase the level of threat of terrorism, which will come from small groups and individuals, “armed with new ideas and technologies.”

The report was published less than two weeks before the inauguration of Donald trump. However, as noted by Reuters, the document’s authors deliberately avoid analysis of the future political course of the United States. In the study special attention is paid to areas on which promised to focus during an election campaign trump. In particular, we are talking about improving relations with Russia, the revision of economic relations with China, jobs in United States, as well as the fight against terrorism.