A foreigner died after falling under a train in Moscow

The woman was hit by a train near the station Nizhny Kotly of the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow railway (MZHD), reports “Interfax” with reference to the official representative of the Moscow Department of transport of the RF IC Tatyana Morozova.   “46-the summer citizen of a foreign state with his teenage daughter ran across the railroad tracks in an inappropriate place”, – said Morozov.   She added that the women was driving a passenger train. The driver filed a loud sound to high volume, and tried urgently to brake, but the collision could not be avoided.   The woman died at the scene from his injuries. The girl was not injured. Photo: Russian Look / Globallookpress

A Ukrainian journalist said that APU went on the offensive in the Donbass

Ukrainian journalist Andrei Tsaplienko said on his page on Facebook that APU went on the offensive in the Donbass.   “While there was fighting on Svetlodarsk, contractors, Georgians planned and, most importantly, performed the operation perfectly without losing a single man”, – the journalist wrote.   According to the journalist, in attack participated fighters of a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”. Moreover, he characterizes as children of the “South and hot accustomed to see as the sun gives birth to the world’s best grapes on the slopes of the Caucasus.”   “In General, sure of itself: we free Ukraine. Go ahead. Not as fast as we would like. Not as successful as where we shot these days. Not all of the destinations where it is possible to do. Not all heroes were awarded. Not all villains punished. But now we’re half a step closer to peace. Because even half a step to the

The Kremlin has told, which will depend on relations between Russia and the United States

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has told, which will depend on the success in the development of relations between Russia and the United States.   According to Peskov, the future of relations between Russia and the United States is impossible without contradictions.   “Probably the biggest mistake is to surrender any illusions about the future of our relations in the sense that the future of our bilateral relationship is free from contradictions, of differences. This can not be”, — said Peskov in interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.   The reason for the impossibility of a conflict between the States, Sands said, is that it’s two largest countries in the world.   Earlier the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov saidthat to link the issue of sanctions against Russia and nuclear arms reduction is hardly appropriate from the expert viewpoint. Peskov also said that

The American media became aware of the investigation communications team trump with Russia

Donald Trump U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating possible ties between members of the team of Donald trump with Russia. It is reported by The New York Times. All investigative actions led by the FBI, they are also attracted by the NSA, CIA and Department to investigate financial crimes of the U.S. Treasury. According to the publication, in the hands of investigators, there is evidence of intercepted conversations and financial transactions. As one of the suspects called the former campaign Manager of trump Paul Manafort (which is no secret that conducts economic activity in Russia and Ukraine). Other former and current advisers of the elected President, including a former aide to the foreign policy of the Carter Paige and Roger stone. It is unclear whether the intercepted data relation to campaign trump or to the President-elect, and hacking servers of the Democratic party. In recent weeks, the investigation was accelerated, but

US intelligence has estimated the victims of the drone strikes during the years of the Obama presidency

Over the years, the presidency of Barack Obama in the attacks of us drones (UAVs) outside the areas of fighting killed between 64 and 117 civilians in different countries. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the report of the Director of national intelligence James Clapper. According to the Agency, the document does not say where it came under attack, but the Ministry of defence and the CIA have conducted operations in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. The data do not include statistics on strikes in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan — countries that the USA consider areas of active hostilities. In the raids with the use of drones were destroyed from 2803 3022 to militants. 3 January it was reported that the ongoing US-led coalition bombing in Iraq and Syria led to the deaths of at least 188 civilians. At the end of October last year, Amnesty International published

In Hamburg discovered a 1,000-pound bomb during the Second world war

In the waters of the river port of Hamburg discovered a 1,000-pound bomb during the Second world war. It is reported by the Hamburger Abendblatt. The projectile was at a depth of seven meters. After extracting it to the surface, rescuers began to neutralize the triggers. The area of the operation cordoned off and temporarily stopped the traffic. All inhabitants of nearby houses were evacuated. In the works attended by about 50 professionals. According to representatives of the emergency services, the operation will be completed in the next few hours. On December 25 last year in the German city of Augsburg was evacuated 54 thousand inhabitants due to the discovery of an aircraft bomb weighing 1.8 tons. The discovery was made during construction works in the historical part of the city. The explosive device which allegedly belongs to the Armed forces of great Britain, is the biggest bomb ever found

A suspect in the assassination of the Director of the service center in Moscow killed during the arrest

Law enforcement officers of Moscow was shot during the arrest of a suspect in the assassination of the businessman, who was in the Lexus. The man threatened police with a subject similar on a grenade. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Moscow Department of the MIA of Russia. Operation on detention was held on Saturday, January 21, on the Shchelkovo highway. “The suspect resisted the officers and soldiers of Regardie. Police were forced to use his firearm, resulting in the attacker received a wound from which he died,” — said the Agency. January 18 at Shmitovsky in Moscow unknown persons opened fire on the car of Lexus. Was driving parked cars, the man received severe injuries and was taken to intensive care. The police about the incident, said the witnesses who came upon the wounded man. The victim was hospitalized in critical condition.

Liner with hundreds of passengers made an emergency landing in Vladivostok

At the airport of Vladivostok (archive photo) At the airport of Vladivostok late in the evening of January 20, crash-landed the Airbus A319. About it reports a press-service of EMERCOM in the Primorsky territory. The plane made a flight from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. To return to the departure point was required due to the actuation of fire detectors. As explained in the MOE, the dangerous goods on Board the aircraft was not. On Board were 100 passengers and six crew members. They left the liner and was posted at the airport. None of them was hurt. After several hours, the passengers transferred to another plane, the flight was resumed. Disruptions in the schedule due to this incident did not happen, Vladivostok air Harbor is operating normally.

The Kremlin has called on Kiev and the “people of Donbass” to perform the Minsk agreement

Dmitry Peskov To fulfill Minsk agreements are Ukraine and the Donbass, not Russia, said the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He said this in an interview with BBC News, extracts from which leads RIA Novosti. “We are not a country which should implement the Minsk agreements, and the country that should ensure their implementation, together with France and Germany. The Minsk agreements must be respected by Kiev and the people of the Donbass”, — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia. In response, the source Peskov said that the mentioned “people of Donbass” acting in accordance with the instructions of Moscow. “We carry a certain influence, but we can’t ask them to die,” retorted the representative of the Kremlin. January 19, Peskov said that has no information about the costs of Russian support for the breakaway republics of Donbass. “Humanitarian assistance is provided, but what sums there is a

Facebook threatened retaliation for blocking Russia Today

Photo: EPA Roskomnadzor will retaliate if American media and social networks will hinder the work of the Russian TV channel Russia Today (RT). This statement was made by the head of Department Alexander Zharov. His words bring a Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti. “In Russia there are many American media, including TV channels, are equal with other media rights and opportunities. If unprecedented pressure on RT from the us media and social networks will limit the work of the Russian TV channel, we have to take active retaliatory measures”, — said Zharov. 19 January, the American social network Facebook has restricted the channel to be able to publish posts, pictures and videos in his English-language account until January 21. In the notice, which was received by the company indicated that this decision was taken in connection with the alleged violation of the copyright on the broadcast of the press conference of