In Hamburg discovered a 1,000-pound bomb during the Second world war

In the waters of the river port of Hamburg discovered a 1,000-pound bomb during the Second world war. It is reported by the Hamburger Abendblatt.

The projectile was at a depth of seven meters. After extracting it to the surface, rescuers began to neutralize the triggers.

The area of the operation cordoned off and temporarily stopped the traffic. All inhabitants of nearby houses were evacuated.

In the works attended by about 50 professionals. According to representatives of the emergency services, the operation will be completed in the next few hours.

On December 25 last year in the German city of Augsburg was evacuated 54 thousand inhabitants due to the discovery of an aircraft bomb weighing 1.8 tons. The discovery was made during construction works in the historical part of the city. The explosive device which allegedly belongs to the Armed forces of great Britain, is the biggest bomb ever found in Bavaria.

In October 2015 because of unexploded bombs during the Second world war, the Berlin authorities evacuated the Jewish Museum. A shell weighing 250 kilograms was discovered on a nearby construction site. Bomb was dropped by allied aircraft during the air raids on the capital of the Third Reich.