Kerry said that the “reset” in relations between Russia and the United States have benefited

The “reset” in relations between Russia and the United States, which occurred in the beginning of the first term of Barack Obama, benefited. So says us Secretary of state John Kerry.   “During the first term of President Obama of the US and Russia spent the reset of relations, bringing tangible benefits, including control over nuclear weapons and the organization of the supply route of supply to our soldiers in Afghanistan,” the letter says Kerry, on the completion of the work the current administration.   He also added that the US and Russia could work together in areas of common interests, citing as examples the nuclear agreement with Iran, as well as protection of marine areas and coordination on Arctic issues.   Kerry also said that with the assistance of Moscow was removed chemical weapons from Syria.   The U.S. Secretary of state acknowledged that the two States disagree on

Obama has talked about beginning a new Foundation for the US

Barack Obama US President Barack Obama in an open letter summed up his eight years of governance, saying that was laid a new Foundation for further development. Document published on the website of the White House on Thursday, January 5. “While I’m getting ready to pass the baton and become an ordinary citizen, I can proudly say that we have laid a new Foundation for America,” — said the head of state. He explained that recently instructed their Ministers to take stock of the work of their departments for 8 years and now he wants to share these results. Among other things, Obama spoke about the success in the economic sphere, falling unemployment, increasing access to education. Separately, he noted his role in the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Barack Obama leaves office on 20 January, inauguration day of President-elect Donald trump.

Medvedev stepped on the ice and regretted the absence of skates

In Sochi during the inspection of the sports and tourist facilities built for the Olympics, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took to the ice in an indoor skating rink and wished we hadn’t brought skates, reports “Interfax”. Medvedev added that more recently such objects on the red Glade it was not. The head of government visited the mountain resort “Gorky Gorod”, which operates in both winter and summer. It is planned that he will hold a meeting on the use of Olympic facilities in Sochi. The Olympic games were held in Sochi from 7 to 23 February 2014. The competition was built many sports facilities. Costs to prepare the city for the Olympics, according to the chamber, 324,9 billion. The Agency took into account spending on the construction of sports facilities, temporary infrastructure and organization.

Trump trust Wikileaks more than us intelligence agencies – media

American CNN accused the elected President of the USA that he trusts more to the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, rather than American intelligence.   To such conclusion the journalists came after trump on his Twitter page quoted Assange on Russia was not involved the leak of correspondence Democrats.   Trump denied the charges and told CNN that it is “a big fan” of us intelligence.   Earlier, several media outlets reported that Donald trump is planning a major reform of U.S. intelligence, in particular, he plans to cut the number of CIA and office of Director of national intelligence. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / Globallookpress

Foreigners suspected of sexual harassment to the Austrian in the New year

Innsbruck, Austria Police in the Austrian city of Innsbruck is engaged in search of a group of aliens who have committed sexual assaults on 18 women during the celebration of the New year. As reported by Reuters, said the representative of law enforcement bodies. According to the victims, the unknown grabbed them and tried to kiss her. It happened on a crowded Central square, or around it during the concert and fireworks. Most of the attacked, said that we are talking about a group of five or six men. Witnesses described the attackers as black men aged 20 to 40 years who spoke English or bad German. “It is established that they are foreigners”, — said the police, adding that the investigation continues. The security forces have at the disposal of the video is of poor quality. In the area of the square on the new year night gathered about

In the US, explained the “secrecy” hiding the facts of Russia’s participation in cyberwoman

Photo: Tsargrad TV WASHINGTON, 4 Jan — RIA Novosti. American intelligence agencies still have not released any evidence of Russia’s participation in cyberwoman because of the secrecy of secret services, said the press Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest. “The intelligence community is guided not only by intuition. It can be said on the technical analysis, which they published, and because they have demonstrated the confidence in this analysis, it expressed the unanimous opinion before the election…. This does not mean that there is additional evidence, I’m sure they are, but the priority is (intelligence) is to protect sources and methods,” said Ernest. The US intelligence community, numbering 17 security services, accused the government of Russia in October of deliberate attempts to influence U.S. elections through attacks and the publication of documents. The secret service said that Russia was going to help in the election Donald Trump. Evidence of

Turkey may refuse United States air force base in Incirlik

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Kaynak Weixi said that in Ankara pondered the presence of the coalition forces led by the US on the Turkish Incirlik air base, reported Reuters. According to the Agency, Kaynak said that the question about the future use of a military base by forces of the US-led coalition and NATO were raised in the meeting of the Turkish government. On the Incirlik air base housed U.S. air force and Turkey, the activities stipulated by the Agreement on military and economic cooperation between the two countries. It can be military aircraft of countries that are members of the international coalition led by the United States and participate in air operations against the is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state”.   Photo: Falk Barwald dpa / Globallookpress

Clinton hacked email hacker called hysteria accusing Russia of cyber attacks

Of Marcel Lazar Lehel (Guccifer) US attempts to blame Russia for cyber attacks on their electoral system reminiscent of the hysteria of the Cold war. This opinion was expressed in a telephone interview with Fox News Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar of Lehel, known by the pseudonym Guccifer, who is serving a sentence at home for e-mail hacking of a number of politicians, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Lehel has questioned the validity of the claims of the administration of President Barack Obama, who accused Moscow of involvement in the hacking of the servers of the Democratic party, calling them part of “the fake cyber war”. “Americans went crazy from thinking about the Russians and their invasion of the United States. It’s crazy … it’s hysteria, you know?” — added hacker. 44-year-old Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel of sentenced to prison in the United States and Romania for involvement in

Moskalkova told about the whereabouts of the Dading

Ildar Dading Opposition activist Ildar Dading will be delivered to the new place of serving the sentence January 9-10, said TASS Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova Thursday, January 5. According to the Ombudsman, then the prisoner will give the opportunity to talk on the phone with one of his relatives. “He was on stage (another colony), but as I was informed in FSIN, December 29, step was taken so that prisoners could wash, on the train this is not possible. And instead of the dry rations they were given a gala dinner as possible (in the prison). They were given fruits,” — said Moskalkova. In early December of 2016 became aware of the fact that the Dading was transported in an unknown direction. After that, the wife Dading Anastasia Zotova complained that relatives and lawyers have not been able to contact the opposition. In FSIN declared that Dading was