Kerry said that the “reset” in relations between Russia and the United States have benefited

The “reset” in relations between Russia and the United States, which occurred in the beginning of the first term of Barack Obama, benefited. So says us Secretary of state John Kerry.


“During the first term of President Obama of the US and Russia spent the reset of relations, bringing tangible benefits, including control over nuclear weapons and the organization of the supply route of supply to our soldiers in Afghanistan,” the letter says Kerry, on the completion of the work the current administration.


He also added that the US and Russia could work together in areas of common interests, citing as examples the nuclear agreement with Iran, as well as protection of marine areas and coordination on Arctic issues.


Kerry also said that with the assistance of Moscow was removed chemical weapons from Syria.


The U.S. Secretary of state acknowledged that the two States disagree on a number of issues, including the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s actions in Syria and the so-called “cyber attacks”.

Photo: Yin Bogu Xinhua / Globallookpress