McCain promised to complicate the process of lifting sanctions on Russia

U.S. Senator John McCain promised to complicate the process of lifting sanctions on Russia. He stated immediately after reports on the upcoming conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.   “I will work with colleagues over the fact that sanctions against Russia have become law”, — quotes Reuters the statement of a U.S. Senator.   McCain also called the rate of normalization of relations with Russia as “reckless,” and hoped that the US administration will go the other way.   Previously Advisor to Donald trump Killian Conway in the TV channel Fox News said that the us authorities are discussing abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. Photo: Ron Sachs / dpa / Globallookpress

Trump hopes to “fantastic” relationship with Putin

The President of the United States Donald trump doesn’t know what kind of relationship he had with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He stated this at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may. The meeting with journalists was held in the White house.   “With regard to relations with Putin and Russia – I’m not saying good, bad or none. I don’t know. We can, will be a fantastic relationship – maybe not. Let’s see how it goes. I am going to present the American people with all the force and conviction. And if we have good relations with Russia and other countries, and if we fight ISIS together – I’ll call it good and not a bad deal,” said trump.   On the question of cancellation of sanctions against Moscow, the American President declared that “while early to speak about it.”   “Ideally, we

The talks in Astana in Syria became a real breakthrough – Satanovsky

The talks in Astana in Syria became a real breakthrough, says the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky.   “In Astana, said without a commitment to Assad specifically or specifically to the opposition. Really was neutral ground. And the opposition understood it. And for them it is, surprisingly, very important,” the expert said in an interview with TV channel “Star”.   According to him, the talks in Astana differed significantly from the talks in Geneva, which was attended by Syrian elite, sometimes living outside Syria for decades.   “I would not say that they (the opposition – ed.ed.) was happy in Geneva, where he stopped some unknown glossy elite Syrian living outside of Syria sometimes for decades. Those who came to Astana that would like to go there again” – said Satanovskiy.   “In the Middle East, the rifle gives birth to power. Here was an incredible breakthrough.

The date of trump’s conversation with Putin, Merkel and Hollande

Donald Trump American President Donald trump will speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande on January 28. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer in his Twitter. The Kremlin confirmed the plans of the presidents of Russia and USA to speak on January 28. Previous conversation Putin and trump was held on 14 November last year. They discussed relations between the two countries and spoke about the need to unite efforts in the fight against international terrorism and extremism. Also Putin and trump agreed to continue contacts on the phone and in the future, to hold a personal meeting. 15 Jan newspaper the Sunday Times wrote that the American President intends to meet with his Russian counterpart in Reykjavik in the coming weeks. However, on the same day, Spicer denied these reports. In the Kremlin, in turn,

Ultraprivate German policy was forbidden to visit Buchenwald

Bjorn Hecke The leadership of the Buchenwald memorial, located on the site of the former concentration camp, rebuked the head of branch of the far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) in Thuringia Hecke Bjorn (Björn Höcke) to visit him. It is reported by Spiegel. The decision of the administration was handed a policy already at the entrance to the complex one of the employees. Hecke planned to take part in the event dedicated to the memory of the victims of national socialism. As a result, he had to turn around and leave the territory, which is Buchenwald. Speaking on January 18 at a meeting with supporters of ADH in Dresden, Hecke urged citizens to stop to repent for the crimes of the Nazis. “To this day our moral condition — the state is completely defeated and crushed people. We Germans are the only people in the world, which was erected

Trump spoke by phone with Mexican President

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump held on Friday, January 27, a telephone conversation with President of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto. Reported by the Associated Press. According to the Agency, the interview lasted about an hour. As RIA Novosti reported, citing a communique of the Mexican government, the presidents agreed not to publicly discuss the subject of payment for the construction of a wall on the border between the two countries. “In respect of payment boundary wall, both presidents acknowledged their clear and loud of the divergent positions on such a sensitive topic and agreed to resolve these disagreements in the course of comprehensive discussion of all aspects of bilateral relations. The presidents also agreed not to publicly discuss this controversial subject”, — the document says. Later at a press conference with the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may trump promised to start new negotiations

A member of the HRC found the cause of patience battered wives in Russia

Sergey Pashin Member of the presidential Council for development of civil society institutions and human rights (HRC) Sergey Pashin tied wide spread of domestic violence in a country with poverty. He told this in an interview with “”, commenting on the adoption by the state Duma of the law on decriminalization of the battery. Replacing criminal penalties for family beatings of the administrative section will make it easier to prosecute for the offence. According to Pashin, in the case of the signing of the bill by the President, even fewer cases of domestic violence, will come to court. A member of the HRC attributes this to the fact that a woman would rather stay with a husband who beat her up than will give a statement and will be living alone. “For the most part people have the poor — a beating a beating, and want to eat all the

To eliminate the consequences of snowfall in Moscow has attracted 35 thousand public utilities

In liquidation of consequences of snowfall in Moscow, involved 35 thousand public utilities and 10 thousand units of special equipment. On Friday, January 27, reported the national news service (NSN). According to REN TV, the last night in the capital fell 15 per cent of the monthly norm of precipitation. The height of the drifts has increased to nearly 40 inches. Blizzard and ice complicated the situation on the roads. Airports were cancelled or delayed more than 30 flights. Leading specialist meteorologist Marina Makarova NSN said that in the coming weekend the snow will pass only in separate areas of Moscow.

Putin will present state awards in science, health and art

Photo: © RIA Novosti. Alexei Druzhinin Russian President Vladimir Putin will present state awards for achievements in science, health, art and production. As the press service of the Kremlin, a solemn awards ceremony, which the President will take more than 30 Russians, will be held in the Kremlin on Thursday. The prizewinners will receive medals, medals and signs conferring honorary titles. The President several times a year presenting state awards to citizens who have achieved success in various fields. In November, prizes were awarded to foreign figures of culture, art and education for special merits in strengthening peace, friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples, in December, the state prize was awarded to human rights defenders.

The response of the British Shoigu: Russia in escort services are not needed

Photo: TASS The official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian warships did not need “in a meaningless escort services” in the UK. This is reported by the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti. So Konashenkov commented on the appearance of the Armada of NATO, which was accompanied by Russian ships in the English channel. He also replied in the words of British defence Secretary Michael Fallon, called the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” “ship of shame”. “The purpose of these statements and show played out with escort-escort our ships, is to divert the attention of the British taxpayers from the real state of the Royal Navy of great Britain”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense. It became known yesterday that the Russian ships in the English channel was under the supervision of six ships NATO, among which was a British amphibious assault ship “ocean” and