Ultraprivate German policy was forbidden to visit Buchenwald

Bjorn Hecke

The leadership of the Buchenwald memorial, located on the site of the former concentration camp, rebuked the head of branch of the far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) in Thuringia Hecke Bjorn (Björn Höcke) to visit him. It is reported by Spiegel.

The decision of the administration was handed a policy already at the entrance to the complex one of the employees. Hecke planned to take part in the event dedicated to the memory of the victims of national socialism.

As a result, he had to turn around and leave the territory, which is Buchenwald.

Speaking on January 18 at a meeting with supporters of ADH in Dresden, Hecke urged citizens to stop to repent for the crimes of the Nazis. “To this day our moral condition — the state is completely defeated and crushed people. We Germans are the only people in the world, which was erected in the heart of the capital monument of shame (a reference to the Berlin monument to victims of the Holocaust in Europe — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), “—said he.

The word policy has caused a negative reaction in German society. The Central Jewish Council in Germany condemned his words and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that “Hecke denies Germany, which I am proud; we must not allow to such as Hecke spread their demagoguery freely”.

Buchenwald — one of the largest concentration camps in Germany. From July 1937 to April 1945, he managed 250 thousand people. Prisoners were killed, starved, made over them the cruel medical experiments. Managed to survive about 21 thousand people.