The U.S. Congress officially confirmed the victory for trump in the presidential election

The U.S. Congress summed up the results of held in the country on 8 November presidential elections and officially declared them the winner of the representative of the Republican party of Donald trump.   The counting of votes of the members of the Board and of the electors was held during a joint session of the Senate and house of representatives. Voting repeatedly sounded the protests against the election results: mentioned the so-called “Russian intervention” and “suppression of votes”. However, the protests were rejected.   Donald trump scored 307 electoral votes, while Clinton was given 227 votes. The inauguration of U.S. President will be January 20. Photo: Vicki Diaddezio / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

Unknown opened fire at the airport in Florida

Unknown opened fire at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. About it reports on Friday, January 6, on NBC, citing local authorities. According to CNBC, killed three people, another nine injured. The gunman was arrested. According to the testimony of former White house Secretary Ari Fleischer, who witnessed the incident, the airport started to panic, but later, “all was quiet”. Visitors and staff of Fort Lauderdale were evacuated, access to the airport is closed. Circumstances of incident are established. International airport Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood international is the main hub for the airline Spirit Airlines. The proximity to the sea port Everglades, serving cruise liners, determines its popularity among American tourists.

SK said the information about the death of four of us. after drinking “timeout”

Investigators began to work out a version of the fatal poisoning drug in case of the death of four people in Krasnoyarsk. On Friday, January 6, reported on the website of the main Investigation Department of the TFR in the region. “Seized during the inspection of the scene of the alcohol sent for examination, which found that neither methanol nor any other threat to life and human health of the substances it contains,” said the Agency, adding that the investigation continues. At the same time, the regional interior Ministry RIA Novosti news Agency explained that at the moment, investigated the contents of only one bottle out of five removed. The bodies of four people were discovered in one of the hostels of Krasnoyarsk on 5 January. Among the dead is 32-year-old man, his two sisters, aged 23 and 22 years old, and 38-year-old woman. In the investigation Department said that

Due to the cold, Ukraine has increased the sampling of gas from storage

Ukraine increased the volume of selection of gas from underground storages by 10%, or up to 100 million cubic meters per day, in connection with the frosts, on Friday said the press-Secretary of company “Ukrtransgaz” Maxim bielawski.   At the end of November last year, the company “Ukrtransgaz” reported that during the day, the selection of gas from underground gas storage facilities exceeds 28 million cubic meters.   Bilyavskiy also stated that all orders of importing countries are fulfilled in full.   Earlier in late October, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that is not enough filled underground storage facilities in Ukraine raised concerns in Russia. He also stressed that Gazprom is ready to resume gas supply at any time for $ 180 per thousand cubic meters, but only under the condition of prepayment. Photo: CTK Jan Koller / Globallookpress

Kosachev: the Russian side will try to do the 137th session of the IPU historic event

Konstantin Kosachev © Valery sharifulin/TASS MOSCOW, January 6. /TASS/. Forthcoming in October of this year 137-I Assembly of the inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) will be a historical event for the Russian side has prepared a number of initiatives. About this TASS said the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, Vice-President of the IPU Konstantin Kosachev. “We are working with colleagues from the State Duma are now intensively work on the organizational and the content side of this Assembly” – he said, stressing that although the content of the work of MPs is determined not only by the host country, it much depends. “We will make every effort to ensure that this Assembly make history”, the Senator said. – And there are already a few ideas”.

Bashkir student was killed while trying to organize the fire show

In Bashkiria the schoolboy was killed after playing with a gas balloon, reported on the website of the Republican Department of the Investigative Committee. On the afternoon of 4 January, two 12-year-old boys bought in the shop in the village of mykhailivka three can of gas and began to play with them in the back room. One student gained gas in my mouth to make a fire show, and lost consciousness. Adults found the injured and was taken to the hospital. Despite their assistance, the child died. In fact the incident started investigation verification. In April, two teenagers in the Chelyabinsk region died in the fire truck. They got into the vehicle to steal it was in the product. One of the teenagers died on the spot, the second died in hospital. Presumably, when one of the young men struck a match, blew a couple of acetone allocated disposable tableware,

The President of the Philippines visited the Russian ship “Admiral Tributs” in the port of Manila

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte visited the Russian ship “Admiral Tributs” in the port of Manila. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Embassy in the Philippines.   “Today took place the visit of the President of Duterte on Board the ship “Admiral Tributs”, he visited the ship and inspected it,” – said in the message.   Also, when vehicle inspection was attended by the Deputy commander of Pacific fleet kontr-Admiral Eduard Mikhailov and Russia’s Ambassador in the Philippines Igor Hove.   Two ships of the Russian Navy arrived at the port of Manila with a week-long goodwill visit. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

The General staff of the armed forces: the liberation of Aleppo will be the basis for settlement of the conflict in Syria

© EPA/STR MOSCOW, January 6. /TASS/. The liberation of Aleppo could be the basis for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria. This was stated by chief of the General staff of the armed forces, army General Valery Gerasimov. “The successes of the Syrian armed forces for the liberation of Aleppo has created the necessary conditions for peaceful resolution of the conflict. Striking confirmation of this was the achievement of agreement on the introduction into Syria of the cease of hostilities,” he said. “I am confident that it will become the basis for a political settlement of the conflict”, – said the chief of the General staff of the armed forces.

More than 30 prisoners killed during a prison riot in Brazil

In the prison of the municipality of Boa Vista in Northern Brazil during a riot killed at least 33 prisoners. About it reports Reuters. “The Ministry of justice and civil Affairs reports that this morning, January 6, in the “penitentiary Agricultural Monte Cristo” it was 33 of death”, — stated in the message of the authorities of the state of Roraima, which leads Globo News. According to them, the situation is under control, the prison are soldiers of the battalion of special operations. Officially, the cause of the incident is not reported. The experts noted that in the future we can expect the recurrence of similar incidents. 1 January in the Brazilian city of Manaus (state of Amazonas) has been one of the largest prison riots, during which killed more than 50 people. According to security officials, the cause was a confrontation between the gangs that control the drug trade.