Presidential candidates urged Chile to deal with migrants

Sebastian Pinera The question of dealing with immigrants has become one of the key ahead of presidential elections in Chile. About it reports Reuters. Usually, as indicated earlier, Latin American politicians not to resort to such rhetoric. However, this time the right-wing and left-wing parties stated the need to restrict immigration into the country. For example, former President Sebastian Pinera, the candidate of the center-right party “National update”, said that the Chilean migration laws are outdated and only serve to “import problems, including crime and drug trafficking”. “Many gangs in Chile consist of foreigners, he said. — Particularly penalized in regions where immigrants constitute a large percentage of the population.” Its main rival, the candidate of the left Alejandro Giler, suggested that Chile needed a “more selective migration policy”. Human rights groups have accused both candidates in the exploitation of nationalist rhetoric and the desire to make migrants the scapegoats

The Philippines will ask the US to remove the fugitive leader of the Communists from the list of terrorists

Jose Maria The Season Manila asked Washington to exclude the fugitive leader of the Philippine Communist from the list of terrorists. About it reports Reuters. “The Philippine government will recommend that the President of the United States to exclude the leader of the Communist party of the Philippines Sison from the list of international terrorists, said Silvestre Bello, responsible for the talks Manila Communist guerillas. It is necessary that he was able to return to the Philippines without the risk of being arrested”. Jose Maria the Season, the founder and leader of the Communist party of the Philippines and its armed wing the New people’s army (NPA) left the country over 30 years ago. Since he lives in the Netherlands, fearing to return home due to the fact that in 2002, the United States included him in the list of terrorists, thereby effectively blocking him the opportunity to enjoy air

Trump promised to get Mexico to pay for the wall on the border

Donald Trump US President, Donald trump signed two decree — on the protection of the state border envisages construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and immigration. In his first interview as head of state, which he gave to the TV channel on Wednesday, January 25, at the White house, trump assured that the wall would pay in Mexico city. According to the President, the construction will begin in the coming months and will first use the money from the budget of the United States, however Mexico reimburses 100 percent of costs. “It will come at the expense of Mexico… and we will reimburse it at the expense of Mexico, as I always say” — promised the head of the White house. According to him, the money will get a quite complex scheme of remittances from the U.S. to Mexico. As Reuters reports citing White House spokesman Sean

Foreign Ministry urged to make conclusions after reports of wiretapping of the FBI the Russian Ambassador

The FBI’s actions that led to the wiretapping of the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak and adviser to the President of the United States Michael Flynn, are illegal. On Wednesday, January 25, stated the Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov (LDPR) in an interview with “”. “This is a blatant case of lawlessness. The more that we are talking about a diplomatic employee with immunity. The FBI has the right to wiretap only in the case of criminal cases, and if we are talking about terrorism, the threat to life and health of American citizens,” — said the Deputy. According to Lead, the staff of the foreign Ministry and the Russian security services must draw conclusions and take appropriate steps to further prevent such cases. The President of the United States Donald trump is not in vain “clean the White house,

Who received a brain injury at the Kuzminki Muscovite was going to sue subway

Muscovite Tatyana Koroleva injured after being struck by a door at the station “Kuzminki”, is going to sue subway. The damage the Queen is estimated at 3 million rubles. On Wednesday, January 25, the TV channel “360”. The victim believes that the Moscow metro is not in compliance with the safety regulations. “Instead I could be any grandmother and losing life,” she said. The incident occurred on January 21 in the lobby of the “Kuzminki” when the Queen came out of the subway. Those in front of her man so he pushed open the door that the girl had received a severe blow and lost consciousness. Passengers carried her to the side. When Adam came to, she found that her purse was stolen. The approval of the Queen, the guards of the metro did not come to her aid. Diagnosed the victim closed craniocerebral injury and brain contusion moderate severity.

The mufti called discrimination the ban on hijabs in schools of Mordovia

Salah Haji Mezhiev A ban on wearing Muslim headscarves in educational institutions of Mordovia is the infringement of human rights. This was stated by the mufti of Chechnya Salah Haji Mezhiev, reported on Wednesday, January 25, on the page of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of the region in Instagram. As noted in the entry, “prescribed in the Holy Quran the attire of Muslim women is an integral part of religion.” “According to the Constitution, there is infringement of human rights and discrimination based on religion, which proves a violation of Federal law,” — said the mezhiyev. Chechen scholar notes that “Muslims have the right to dress according to the canons of Islam and the traditions of their people”, and wondered why, in this case “it is impossible for students to wear the headscarf or hijab in educational institutions”. The mufti also condemned the actions of the Mordovian officials and

Mironov explained the care Mizulina from “Fair Russia”

Photo: RIA Novosti The leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said that Elena left the party, as have been delegated to the Federation Council by the Governor-United Russia. This is reported by the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti. Mironov stressed that care Mizulina there is “no political motive”. “An ordinary case. Mizulina – the superprofessional, adopts, as a member of the Federation Council from the Governor-United Russia, this decision”, – said the head of “socialist,” adding that the Senator did in the case of “some conflict”. The Governor of Omsk region Viktor Nazarov in September 2015 Mizulina endowed with the authority of a representative of the government of the region in the Federation Council. Mizulina previously sent a statement of withdrawal from “Fair Russia” in regional branch of the party in the Omsk region. Mizulina became a member in 2007. One of her former party members, the Deputy Oleg Shein said that

Cannon “a trump with Russia”: it is impossible to find a black cat in a dark room

Photo: RIA Novosti US intelligence is trying to find a black cat in the room where it is not, trying to find evidence of relations of staff of the President of Donald trump with Russia, said the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov. On Monday, the CBS TV channel, citing sources, reported that American intelligence is looking for, but have not yet found confirmation of the relations of the headquarters of the trump of Russia. According to the TV channel, investigators are trying to figure out was coordinated by the team of trump with representatives of Russia before and after the elections, but at the moment, according to sources, they found no evidence of any violations. “US intelligence can’t prove the connection with the headquarters of the trump of Russia. And you will not find: you cannot catch a black cat in a dark room, especially if it’s not there,” — wrote

Trump said that construction of the wall at the expense of Mexico will begin in the coming months

The President of the United States Donald trump confirmed his intention to start the construction of the border wall between Mexico and the United States, the head of state said in an interview with ABC News. He stressed that construction will begin in the coming months.   In addition, trump reiterated that for the construction of the wall in one way or another will pay itself Mexico, the payment may be in the form of certain payments or reimbursements, but it will happen with 100% probability.   “What I’m doing is good for the United States. In addition, it is also good for Mexico. We are interested in stable, firmly standing on the feet of Mexico,” said trump.   Earlier, Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto commented on the statement of U.S. President Donald trump the desire to build a wall. Mexican leader stressed that Mexico would not pay for the

Heads of Chechnya and the Minister of education had different views on the hijab

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov replied to the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva, which believes that girls should not wear headscarves in Russian schools. Kadyrov called this position a personal opinion of the head of the Ministry of education.   Previously Vasiliev commented on the ban on headscarves in the Tatar village of belozer’e words: “I don’t think truly religious people try attributes their attitude to the faith to stress”. She added that Russian education is secular in nature.   “It is surprising that the Minister instead of to improve their local leaders, their “personal belief” imposes on millions of citizens. My three daughters go to school wearing the hijab, have great grades. Olga Vasilyeva requires that they handkerchiefs? Girls this will never do,” wrote Kadyrov in Instagram.   In addition, the head of Chechnya urged opponents of the hijab to draw attention to more pressing issues.   “Drug