Mironov explained the care Mizulina from “Fair Russia”


RIA Novosti

The leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said that Elena left the party, as have been delegated to the Federation Council by the Governor-United Russia. This is reported by the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti.

Mironov stressed that care Mizulina there is “no political motive”. “An ordinary case. Mizulina – the superprofessional, adopts, as a member of the Federation Council from the Governor-United Russia, this decision”, – said the head of “socialist,” adding that the Senator did in the case of “some conflict”.

The Governor of Omsk region Viktor Nazarov in September 2015 Mizulina endowed with the authority of a representative of the government of the region in the Federation Council.

Mizulina previously sent a statement of withdrawal from “Fair Russia” in regional branch of the party in the Omsk region. Mizulina became a member in 2007.

One of her former party members, the Deputy Oleg Shein said that the decision Mizulina related to the divergence of her views with the party line. According to him, “Fair Russia” advocates minimizing government interference in the Affairs of the family, while Mizulina expressed opposing views. “SR” Alexei chepa said that the withdrawal of Mizulina was a surprise for the party.

She is known thanks to a number of high profile legislative initiatives. In particular, it was one of the authors of the law banning gay propaganda, the law on the prohibition of baby-boxes and of the proposal to decriminalize domestic violence. On 11 January the draft law on decriminalization of a beating in the first reading the state Duma adopted the.