The Philippines will ask the US to remove the fugitive leader of the Communists from the list of terrorists

Jose Maria The Season

Manila asked Washington to exclude the fugitive leader of the Philippine Communist from the list of terrorists. About it reports Reuters.

“The Philippine government will recommend that the President of the United States to exclude the leader of the Communist party of the Philippines Sison from the list of international terrorists, said Silvestre Bello, responsible for the talks Manila Communist guerillas. It is necessary that he was able to return to the Philippines without the risk of being arrested”.

Jose Maria the Season, the founder and leader of the Communist party of the Philippines and its armed wing the New people’s army (NPA) left the country over 30 years ago. Since he lives in the Netherlands, fearing to return home due to the fact that in 2002, the United States included him in the list of terrorists, thereby effectively blocking him the opportunity to enjoy air travel under his own name.

During the election campaign of the current President Rodrigo Duterte made contact with Econom, which was once his Lyceum lecturer, and obtained from him the promise that the NPA will abandon armed struggle if he will run for President. The season and Duterte agreed to meet in any neutral Asian country, and later Duterte invited the former teachers in the Philippines.

The new people’s army on Maoist positions, for nearly 50 years, leads an armed struggle against the Philippine authorities. Under the control of the guerrillas are areas on the East and South of the Philippines. During the confrontation killed about 40 thousand people.