Trump promised to get Mexico to pay for the wall on the border

Donald Trump

US President, Donald trump signed two decree — on the protection of the state border envisages construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, and immigration. In his first interview as head of state, which he gave to the TV channel on Wednesday, January 25, at the White house, trump assured that the wall would pay in Mexico city.

According to the President, the construction will begin in the coming months and will first use the money from the budget of the United States, however Mexico reimburses 100 percent of costs. “It will come at the expense of Mexico… and we will reimburse it at the expense of Mexico, as I always say” — promised the head of the White house. According to him, the money will get a quite complex scheme of remittances from the U.S. to Mexico.

As Reuters reports citing White House spokesman Sean Spicer, now the trump consults with the Congress about creating a funding mechanism for the construction of the wall. “The President works with Congress and others to consider funding mechanisms that can be used. In this regard, his goal is to start the process (of construction) as soon as possible, using available funds, and to continue to work with Congress to find alternative ways,” said Spicer.

Earlier on January 25 Spicer told that documents will be assigned to such measures as the construction of the “physical barrier” at the southern border to stop the flow of illegals and drugs, as well as mass expulsion of immigrants-illegal immigrants who violated U.S. law.

“We will end the dangerous policy of the previous administration — “grab and go,” this policy led to the deaths of many Americans. For us will again become a priority for criminal prosecution and deportation of illegal immigrants who broke our laws. After serving his term in the prison they will get one-way tickets to the country of origin. And their governments will take them back,” — said the press Secretary of the White house.

He added that otherwise, the citizens of those countries can be denied U.S. visas. Also in one of the trump signed decrees provided for termination of funding from holistico cities, refused to give the visiting authorities.

Earlier, the President of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto stated that his government will not pay for the construction of the border wall, and the country’s leadership is going to preserve the freedom of remittances of migrants.

During the election campaign Donald trump doesn’t rez has stated that he plans to deport roughly 11 million people living illegally in the United States, and promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and to carry out the project at the expense of neighboring countries.