British military planes on the “Admiral Kuznetsov”: shots from the air

The UK Ministry of defence released footage from the air which show the support of the British fighters of the Russian naval group led by the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” in the English channel. The movie Thursday was also published on his page on the Daily Mail newspaper.   The footage shows two fighters of the Royal air force Typhoon type, which at low altitude escorted by Russian ships.   “Admiral Kuznetsov” and other ships of the Russian group have passed the English channel on January 24 and sent to Severomorsk after the execution of combat missions in Syria. Earlier it was reported that the Russian fleet in the English channel saw six NATO ships. Also to the group of Russian Navy ships dangerously close reconnaissance aircraft, the U.S. air force.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma has compared the EU with a house from a fairy tale about the three little pigs

Peter Tolstoy © Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. Vice-speaker of the state Duma from “United Russia” Peter Tolstoy compared the EU with a house from a fairy tale about three piglets, in his speech from the faction at the end of “the governmental hour” in the lower house with the participation of Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

Six bombers Tu-22M3 of the Russian Federation videoconferencing has dealt another blow to objects of IG in Syria

Tu-22M3 © Office of the press service and information Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation/TASS MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. Six long-range bombers Tu-22M3 taking off from the territory of Russia and committing flights over the territory of Iraq and Iran, launched another air strike on targets “Islamic state” in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, reported the press service of the defense Ministry of Russia.

The Russians were put on trial in Turkey for the preparation of terrorist attacks using airplanes

Police in Istanbul Turkey began the trial of nine alleged members of the “Islamic state”, including seven Russians and two Turks. They are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks using RC aircraft, Hurriyet Daily News reported. According to the indictment, the militants were engaged in collecting data to determine where to attack. Attacks on behalf of ISIS was planned to perform in Istanbul in June 2016. All nine people were detained in the operation against the members of this banned terrorist groups in June and July. One of them was Zelimkhan Zaiceva (Zelimkhan Tsaysaev) is found associated with the “Islamic state” documents, and items needed to create a belt of the suicide bomber. Other detainees in phones found photos taken in a combat zone, as well as songs praising ISIS. Home Curie Gazaeva (Kyuri Khatsaev) and Orstkho Hassan (Hassan Orstho) seized two remote controlled aircraft, capable of carrying from 17 to

A defector from North Korea spoke about the growing public discontent, Kim Jong-UN

Kim Jong-UN A former North Korean diplomat Tae Yong Ho, who defected to South Korea, spoke about the growing public discontent against the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN. His words are reports Reuters. “Grassroots criticism of the regime, previously considered unthinkable, sounds more and more. We need to pour gasoline on North Korea and allow the country’s people to bring the match,” explained the former diabetic. He said that he fled the country because of disagreement with the political leadership. According to Tae Yong Ho, in modern Korea from communism have not disappeared, and the elites observe with concern as Cambodia, Vietnam and ex-USSR countries carry out economic and social reforms. Tae Yong Ho was reported missing in August of 2016 from the Embassy in London shortly before returning home. Later it became known that he, along with his wife and children fled to South Korea. His family was taken under

In Lisbon, a passenger ferry crashed into a pier

Video from the scene As a result of collision passenger ferry with pier in Lisbon wounds of various severity level have received 34. It is reported Diario de Noticias. The ship on Board of which there were 561 people arrived in the Portuguese capital from the city of Barreiro. The accident occurred at a time when the ferry tried to dock. According to preliminary data, the reason of the incident was heavy fog near the port of destination as well as an error of the captain, who did not observe speed limits. For investigation of accident set up a special Commission. On 8 January last year, the Japanese Beetle passenger ship collided with a whale off the coast of South Korea. Four people were injured due to falls and bumps. The ship itself received no damage, but returned to the port of Busan. There the victims were hospitalized.

Living in the country with bears Zhirinovsky called for a ban on their content in homes

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky urged to ban Russians to have as Pets wild animals. On Wednesday, 25, January, reports the news Agency Regnum. “We will try to pass a law to ban keeping wild animals at home. The lynx started, leopard, soon, the bear will keep (…). So it is impossible”, — said the politician. Zhirinovsky admitted that he himself had the experience of keeping wild animals. “I had the bears in the country, I’m in the circus gave: one in Moscow, another — in the Bryansk, and one escaped. But they are small, two-year,” — said the politician. According to him, the bears gave him, although he did not ask about it. “Do not touch animals, do they live there [in nature] — let them live”, — said the leader of the liberal Democrats. On January 22 the head of the Duma Committee on ecology Olga Timofeeva during the

Fursenko has thought about the system of detection of pedophiles in schools

Andrei Fursenko Assistant to the President of Russia Andrei Fursenko said that schools should operate a system of prevention and detection of cases of pedophilia, reports TASS. “It’s part of society, this is not some cloned humans, was found in a unique location. To exclude the possibility that among them will be people with abnormal mentality, dishonest, impossible,” — said Fursenko, noting that in Russian schools there are 1.3 million teachers. January 23 was launched preliminary examination after appearing in the media about violence against children in educational institutions “League of schools”. In the publication it was argued that the leaders of the “League schools” for 25 years made dissolute actions concerning the pupils. In 2015, the “League of schools” was reorganized and ceased to exist. In September 2016 after a post journalist Ekaterina Krongauz in Facebook about the intimate relationship of the teacher of the Moscow school №57 Boris

Deputies proposed to give the veto power to transfer the property of the Church

Member of the Federation Council of St. Petersburg Vadim Tulips in the Duma introduced a bill giving MPs the right to veto the transfer of property of religious use of state property. On Wednesday, January 25, RIA Novosti reported. Now the Federal law does not define the role of legislative bodies of constituent entities of Russia in addressing such issues. Senator proposed amendments seek to address this gap, the Agency said. The document is not yet registered in the database of bills in the Duma. Tulips believes that the government needs to make a decision on the transfer of immovable property of the Church and plan this process only after consultation with legislators, as they should reflect the interests of voters. Moreover, this process, according to the Senator, should be made public. According to the document, the lack of coordination with the deputies may be grounds for denial of the

Media: us intelligence can’t prove the connection with the headquarters of the trump with Russia

Photo: © AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik American intelligence is looking for, but have not yet found confirmation of the relations of staff of the US President Donald trump with Russia, announced on Monday, the CBS TV channel, citing sources. “Investigators are trying to figure out was coordinated by the team of trump with the Russians before and after the elections. However, at the moment, according to sources, they found no evidence of any violations”, — stated in the message. According to CBS, “American investigators are studying at least one phone conversation between trump’s adviser for national security by Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak at the end of December”. It is emphasized that Flynn is not the only member of the team trump, whose actions in connection with Russia considers the us intelligence. “Sources said that investigators are examining whether shared with other Russia