Who received a brain injury at the Kuzminki Muscovite was going to sue subway

Muscovite Tatyana Koroleva injured after being struck by a door at the station “Kuzminki”, is going to sue subway. The damage the Queen is estimated at 3 million rubles. On Wednesday, January 25, the TV channel “360”.

The victim believes that the Moscow metro is not in compliance with the safety regulations. “Instead I could be any grandmother and losing life,” she said.

The incident occurred on January 21 in the lobby of the “Kuzminki” when the Queen came out of the subway. Those in front of her man so he pushed open the door that the girl had received a severe blow and lost consciousness. Passengers carried her to the side. When Adam came to, she found that her purse was stolen. The approval of the Queen, the guards of the metro did not come to her aid.

Diagnosed the victim closed craniocerebral injury and brain contusion moderate severity.