SK said the information about the death of four of us. after drinking “timeout”

Investigators began to work out a version of the fatal poisoning drug in case of the death of four people in Krasnoyarsk. On Friday, January 6, reported on the website of the main Investigation Department of the TFR in the region.

“Seized during the inspection of the scene of the alcohol sent for examination, which found that neither methanol nor any other threat to life and human health of the substances it contains,” said the Agency, adding that the investigation continues.

At the same time, the regional interior Ministry RIA Novosti news Agency explained that at the moment, investigated the contents of only one bottle out of five removed.

The bodies of four people were discovered in one of the hostels of Krasnoyarsk on 5 January. Among the dead is 32-year-old man, his two sisters, aged 23 and 22 years old, and 38-year-old woman. In the investigation Department said that before they die they day drank alcoholic drinks, including alcoholic cocktail “Time-out”, bought in the pavilion.

After that it was a criminal case under part 3 of article 238 (“Manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering services not meeting safety requirements”).