The talks in Astana in Syria became a real breakthrough – Satanovsky

The talks in Astana in Syria became a real breakthrough, says the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky.


“In Astana, said without a commitment to Assad specifically or specifically to the opposition. Really was neutral ground. And the opposition understood it. And for them it is, surprisingly, very important,” the expert said in an interview with TV channel “Star”.


According to him, the talks in Astana differed significantly from the talks in Geneva, which was attended by Syrian elite, sometimes living outside Syria for decades.


“I would not say that they (the opposition – ed.ed.) was happy in Geneva, where he stopped some unknown glossy elite Syrian living outside of Syria sometimes for decades. Those who came to Astana that would like to go there again” – said Satanovskiy.


“In the Middle East, the rifle gives birth to power. Here was an incredible breakthrough. Because people with guns never came, they fought…” – said the expert.


The President of the Middle East Institute also noted that there is no point in discussing the policies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The main objective of the negotiations is to end the war.


“It is useless to say, Assad is good or bad. The war must be stopped”, – said Satanovsky.

Photo: Bolat Shahinov / RIA Novosti