In the US, explained the “secrecy” hiding the facts of Russia’s participation in cyberwoman


Tsargrad TV

WASHINGTON, 4 Jan — RIA Novosti. American intelligence agencies still have not released any evidence of Russia’s participation in cyberwoman because of the secrecy of secret services, said the press Secretary of the White house Josh Ernest.

“The intelligence community is guided not only by intuition. It can be said on the technical analysis, which they published, and because they have demonstrated the confidence in this analysis, it expressed the unanimous opinion before the election…. This does not mean that there is additional evidence, I’m sure they are, but the priority is (intelligence) is to protect sources and methods,” said Ernest.

The US intelligence community, numbering 17 security services, accused the government of Russia in October of deliberate attempts to influence U.S. elections through attacks and the publication of documents. The secret service said that Russia was going to help in the election Donald Trump. Evidence of the security services not provided.

However, last week the FBI and DHS circulated a technical report outlining the findings of the investigation and given the aliases of a number of hackers, but again not given specifics on how the hacking could be linked with Russia.

The US President-elect Donald trump has called for the prosecution if he helped Russia ridiculous, but agreed to a meeting on this issue with the leadership of the FBI and the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The meeting will be held on Friday. Trump on Wednesday was again struck at the intelligence, noting that they are constantly delaying the meeting for unknown reasons.