Foreigners suspected of sexual harassment to the Austrian in the New year

Innsbruck, Austria

Police in the Austrian city of Innsbruck is engaged in search of a group of aliens who have committed sexual assaults on 18 women during the celebration of the New year. As reported by Reuters, said the representative of law enforcement bodies.

According to the victims, the unknown grabbed them and tried to kiss her. It happened on a crowded Central square, or around it during the concert and fireworks. Most of the attacked, said that we are talking about a group of five or six men.

Witnesses described the attackers as black men aged 20 to 40 years who spoke English or bad German. “It is established that they are foreigners”, — said the police, adding that the investigation continues. The security forces have at the disposal of the video is of poor quality.

In the area of the square on the new year night gathered about 25 thousand people. In the occasion there was tightened security measures.

In the past year in several cities of Germany there was a similar attack. Most women suffered in Cologne: new year’s eve, hundreds of women were victims of robberies, sexual harassment and rape. The witnesses described the suspects as people of North African or Arabic appearance, in society, questions were raised about the immigration policy of the country.