In Rome there was a concert in memory of the victims of the crash of Tu-154 over the Black sea

Under the arches of one of the oldest churches of the eternal City singers and musicians from Italy and other countries performed works of classical music as well as songs from the repertoire of the Alexandrov ensemble, the participants and the head of which were killed in the crash of Tu-154 off the coast of Sochi.   Not coincidentally, the venue of the memorable evening chose the building of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Monte Santo it is also known as the “Church of artists”.

The Director of the CIA had hoped to improve relations with Russia

John Brennan The Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan has expressed hope for improved U.S. relations with Russia. He said this in an interview with PBS television, the second part of which was shown on Wednesday, January 4. “Of course, I hope to improve relations between Moscow and Washington in the next few years. As for stability in the world, it is critically important to improve relations of the United States and Russia,” said Brennan. At the same time, the Director of the CIA has accused Russia of trying to “undermine the principles of democracy in many countries”, including in European States. “What happened in our presidential election, is not new. Russian several years of trying to manipulate the elections in Europe,” he said. In particular, according to Brennan, Moscow is less corrupt politicians, and funding of parties and political groups that support its interests. The CIA

Police Pyt-Yakh suspected in the torture of detainees

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, three police officers suspected of using violence against the detainees. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee. Found that 22 Dec duty officer, his aide and acting chief of the criminal investigation Department OMVD the city of Pyt-Yakh imposed administratively detained male physical violence. On the same day they in the absence of legal grounds put another man into the camera, use of handcuffs. After some time, the man was sent home, a Protocol on committing an administrative offense has been drawn up. Police initiated criminal case on excess of powers of office with application of violence and special means. The investigation examines the record from the cameras and official documentation. Also interviewed victims and witnesses. The operations duty officer and his assistant detained, the question on election concerning them a preventive measure. In March 2016 in

Bloody “liberators” of Donbas: when the APU will finish to destroy Eastern Ukraine

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov is right for the new year “happy” Ukrainian public. Man, with a light hand which is in the South-East of the country and began a bloody “anti-terrorist” operation has assured that the 2017 year will be a turning point in the “liberation” of Donbass.   Based on the experience     Without a past, as we know, does not happen and the future. Past 2016-the year of no surprises on the part of the behavior of the Ukrainian military personnel brought. Although the saturation and the brunt of the fighting due to the Minsk agreements has been reduced significantly, to completely eliminate clashes between the Ukrainian army and the armies of DNR and LNR in the contact group failed. Attempts to break the Ukrainian military are recorded by observers and journalists from month to month. What is happening is difficult to fit

Trump took to the White house three times fired a member of his TV show

Omarosa Maniga Elected President of the United States, Donald trump intends to offer the post to the White house a former member of the TV show “the Apprentice”, hosted by himself was a billionaire. According to the Associated Press, job Omarosa Maniga (Omarosa Manigault) will be linked to public participation in the work of the administration. Accurate information about her future duties as well as the title of the post, yet. Mangal was an active participant in the election campaign trump. Besides, she’s already worked in the American administration — in the office of the President-Democrat bill Clinton, she worked in the field of recruitment, was an employee of the Ministry of trade, and was also assistant in the state of then-Vice President al Gore, said in 2004, People magazine. Shortly after starting his Apprenticeship in 2004, trump, host of the show, “fired” her from the program. After a restart

Closed for a day due to an emergency with A321 Kaliningrad airport resumed work

Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport, closed more than a day because of the incident with the Airbus A321 aircraft company “Aeroflot” resumed work in normal mode. About it reports on Thursday, January 5, RIA Novosti with reference to the acting Governor of the region Anton Alikhanov. “Everything is fine, the airport is open from 06:00 (07:00 GMT), three flights ready for take-off at Sheremetyevo, broken Board in the Parking lot, the band is normal, the first aircraft of “Aeroflot” has just departed, arrival 07:30″, — said the head of the region. Interfax says, citing press-Secretary of the acting Governor Valery Homeland that the opening of the village was preceded by the completion of the airport services that were removed from the runway damaged aircraft. In 2017, the regional authorities plan to purchase spectehnika to eliminate such emergencies. Earlier on 5 January, it became known that the technique of the Baltic fleet managed

The head of the U.S. Committee on intelligence found no evidence to link Russia with cyber attacks

Photo: TC “Star” The head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, Devin Nunes said that he had not seen evidence of Russian involvement in the outcome of the us elections. This representative of the Republican party said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. While Nunez did not rule out a possible link Moscow with the attacks. According to the Congressman, the Russian government is capable of conducting sophisticated computer attacks. “It’s something that Hillary Clinton knew very well when she set up his personal server, that the Russians have the opportunity to enter it”, — quotes RIA Novosti extract from the interview. Informed the security services that are included in the U.S. intelligence community, said the hacking resources of political organizations of the country during the election campaign. Washington believes that the cybercrime involved Russia. However, no evidence to link Moscow with

Intelligence agencies did not check the attack of the “Russian hackers” in the democratic party – the Western media

None of the American special services have not actually studied the servers of the US Democratic party, which allegedly were attacked by Russian hackers during the elections, reports TASS with reference to BuzzFeed.   The FBI’s job was entrusted to a private company Crowdstrike. The FBI comment on this issue refused. This was reported by the portal source in the national intelligence and Deputy head of the press service of the National Committee of the Democratic party (nkdp) Eric Walker.   “How заявилBuzzFeed employee of American intelligence, no institution of the U.S. government has not implemented peer analysis system,” the paper reported.   Earlier it became known that the CIA has postponed a briefing on the cyber attacks allegedly from the Russian side. On it, the Bureau was to provide evidence of cybercrime, which accused Russia, the elected President of the United States Donald Trump. Trump called the postponement was

The media learned about the plans of the trump to reform U.S. intelligence

Donald Trump President-elect Donald trump is preparing a plan to restructure the Office of the Director of National intelligence (ODNI) and other special services. According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) with reference to sources in the entourage of Republican. Trump, according to the newspaper, said ODNI “politicized” body, which is too large. In addition, the President-elect is working on the restructuring of the Central intelligence Agency of a reduction of staff in the headquarters of the CIA in Virginia and increase the number of agents working around the world. “They [intelligence agencies] must be reduced. The focus will be on reorganization of agencies and their interaction”, — said one of the sources. In developing plans, according to the WSJ, involved a former head of the intelligence service of the Pentagon, General Michael Flynn, who is in the administration of the trump Advisor for national security, as well as nominated

In St. Petersburg caught the man with the machine gun “Maxim”

In the centre of Saint Petersburg, a man was arrested walking down the street with a machine gun “Maxim”, according to the Federal news Agency. The owner of the weapon was a security guard at a nightclub and a resident’s apartment on the Duma street near which he was detained. About the strange passer-by, the police said visitors to the surrounding bars. According to the National news service, a machine gun can’t shoot. The withdrawn weapon directed on research. As noted in conversation with the correspondent “” the police of St. Petersburg, seized weapons, most likely, is a mass-dimensional layout of the famous machine gun. Currently such models, completely copying the famous the gun and its internal structure, but devoid of the ability to fire, sold in stores at the price of 100-200 thousand rubles. In addition, sold “civilian” version of the machine gun, capable of firing only single shots.