Facebook threatened retaliation for blocking Russia Today



Roskomnadzor will retaliate if American media and social networks will hinder the work of the Russian TV channel Russia Today (RT). This statement was made by the head of Department Alexander Zharov. His words bring a Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti.

“In Russia there are many American media, including TV channels, are equal with other media rights and opportunities. If unprecedented pressure on RT from the us media and social networks will limit the work of the Russian TV channel, we have to take active retaliatory measures”, — said Zharov.

19 January, the American social network Facebook has restricted the channel to be able to publish posts, pictures and videos in his English-language account until January 21. In the notice, which was received by the company indicated that this decision was taken in connection with the alleged violation of the copyright on the broadcast of the press conference of U.S. President Barack Obama. In Russia Today charged with violating the reject and argue that possessed all necessary rights to the broadcast. In addition, 19 January the broadcaster has received from the company’s YouTube request to confirm that the staff of Russia Today are not in the sanctions list. Also from the extension of the contract with RT refused the company Dataminr, monitoring Twitter and sending important messages. The leadership of Russia Today explained these actions of the social pressure from the American intelligence services.