The American media became aware of the investigation communications team trump with Russia

Donald Trump

U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating possible ties between members of the team of Donald trump with Russia. It is reported by The New York Times.

All investigative actions led by the FBI, they are also attracted by the NSA, CIA and Department to investigate financial crimes of the U.S. Treasury. According to the publication, in the hands of investigators, there is evidence of intercepted conversations and financial transactions. As one of the suspects called the former campaign Manager of trump Paul Manafort (which is no secret that conducts economic activity in Russia and Ukraine). Other former and current advisers of the elected President, including a former aide to the foreign policy of the Carter Paige and Roger stone.

It is unclear whether the intercepted data relation to campaign trump or to the President-elect, and hacking servers of the Democratic party. In recent weeks, the investigation was accelerated, but no evidence of illegal activity was never found.

The official representative of trump hope Hicks said that neither President-elect nor his team is not aware of the pending investigation. One of the suspects, by Paul Manafort, has categorically rejected any contacts with the Russian government and officials and called the accusations “an absolute lie and dirty trick in the Democratic party.” Us secret service representatives declined to comment.

Earlier, the us media published the information that ostensibly in Moscow for five years has supported Donald Trump and collected on his extensive compromising. Such statements contained in the reports of a former agent of British intelligence, which formed the basis of the report of US intelligence about alleged Russian intervention in the American elections. It was later announced that the report is likely to be a surge of Internet trolls.