Instead of rice and flour, the coalition led by the United States supplies to Aleppo explosives

In Aleppo, Syria the most sought after profession now – a sapper. Russian experts every day clear the city of mines left by the militants. In the al-Sukkari that the extremists left the last of such deadly traps placed at every step.   “In this region every house is a small fortress in every home we find ammo or a workshop for their manufacture. It is noteworthy that all ammunition depots used by insurgents, prepared for the explosions, they all mined”, – said the head of the MOC of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Igor Mikhailik.   The farther into the Eastern neighborhoods progress engineering intelligence, the sophisticated fall bombs. And especially system of undermining them. The bombs the terrorists are doing, even from valves. And put such “devil-gun” on the first floors of residential houses. Above are the apartments of ordinary Syrians, who unwittingly covered up a

The Turkish military has reported the destruction of 48 of the Islamists

Turkish military in Syria The Turkish military on Sunday, January 8, killed 48 militants “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters with reference to the official statement of the press service of the Turkish Armed forces. As follows from the text of the document, the Islamists were eliminated as a result of joint action of the army and air force. The planes also destroyed 23 fortified positions of the militants, the statement said. Dec 28, Turkey reported the destruction of al-Bab 44 militants, terrorists another 117 were injured. Two days earlier the press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said that during the recent fighting at El-Bab, the Turkish military and allied forces of the Syrian free army (FSA) destroyed 226 of the Islamists. Heavy fighting in al-Bab, continue for several weeks. Turkish troops and their allies of the free Syrian army (FSA) are trying

The statement of the Pentagon about the “zero” Russia’s contribution to the fight against ISIS found it hysterical

Irina Yarovaya Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya criticized a statement by U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter on the “zero” Russia’s contribution to fighting ISIS (a terrorist group banned in Russia). On Monday, January 9, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”. “Hysteria at sunset — so you can characterize a statement by the head of the Pentagon. It means only one thing — a complete failure when the nerves passed and the only maneuver is to blame someone who is effective in the fight against terrorism — Russia”, — leads edition of the words of the Deputy. According to the MP, the position of the Carter unprofessional and unpromising. In addition, she noted that the outgoing Obama administration failed to recognize that “Russia’s game in matters of diplomacy and security, in principle, not acceptable.” “Terrorism for us is neither your nor anyone else’s, and the total and implacable enemy and

The Prime Minister of Sweden intends to establish contacts with Russia

Sweden seeks to ease tensions in the Baltic sea region and intends to strengthen cooperation with Russia, said Prime Minister Stefan lofven at the annual conference of “people and defence”, where he presented the national strategy of the government. About it writes RIA Novosti. “Sweden needs a broader attempt in search of the necessary contacts with Russia. Without abandoning our critical positions on the critical issues we are committed to easing tensions with that neighbor to the East,” said the Swedish Prime Minister. According to him, Stockholm wants to have constructive contacts with Moscow, which should be stable. He stressed that Sweden should promote contacts between Swedish and Russian peoples. As stated Leven, in recent years the situation has deteriorated in the international and regional security, increased threat to information security and hacker attacks. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister believes it is unlikely a military attack on Sweden. Photo: Alexey Ivanov

In Serbia introduced the “red” level of risk due to frost and snow

On the whole territory of Serbia declared the highest “red” level of risk due to frost and snowfall. On Sunday, January 8, reports TASS. More than a hundred settlements in the mountainous regions of the country were cut off from the outside world. According to the representative of emergency situations Ministry of interior of Serbia’s zivko of Babović (zivko Baboli), have been evacuated over a hundred people. The situation on major roads, as reported by Babovic, has improved compared to the previous day, but on the roads of the third and fourth priority (small rural road) remains difficult. The lowest temperature recorded in Serbia on 8 January, was minus 27 degrees. Snowfalls in some regions last third day. The height of the snow reaches four meters. Earlier snow storm blocked Pesterska plateau more than 10 thousand people. In numerous accidents throughout the country dozens of people were injured. “Television and

The media learned about the proposal to ban the sale of tobacco for those born from 2015

The Ministry of health of Russia proposed to introduce a ban on the sale of tobacco to people born in 2015 and later, even after they reach adulthood, the ban may begin to act in 2033. This measure, according to the newspaper “Izvestia”, is prepared by the office of the anti-Smoking concept, designed up to 2022. The main purpose of the document — decrease by the year 2025 the prevalence of tobacco consumption among the population to 25 percent, as well as creating conditions for further sustained reduction in prevalence of tobacco consumption among the population. The health Ministry confirmed that the document has already been sent to a number of Federal agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of industry, Ministry of culture, the Federal customs service. The document also suggests the introduction of a total ban on tobacco Smoking in communal apartments, for all

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Azarov announced the creation of a government-in-exile

Ex-Prime Minister of the country Mykola Azarov intends to create a government in exile after the decision of Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow, which recognized the events of 2014 in Kiev a coup d’etat, writes “Interfax”. “Needs to Mature in the circumstances and conditions that had a government in exile. First of all, these conditions must ripen on the Ukraine,” he said. According to him, the current “elite, illegally seized power, almost not able to carry out its functions and society will require different power, so there will be such conditions. Azarov noted that similar lawsuits will be filed in international court, it is also expected that they will eventually consider and Ukrainian courts. “The decision of Dorogomilovsky court is very important. Because it is a recognition of the fact – obvious, that in the country there was a coup,” concluded the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine. Photo: Emeric Fohlen / ZUMAPRESS

Kosachev: the Arab parliamentarians will be invited to a conference on terrorism in March

© Anton novoderezhkin/TASS MOSCOW, January 8. /TASS/. Inter-parliamentary Assembly (IPA) of the CIS jointly with the OSCE PA will hold in late March an international conference on combating terrorism, the invitation to the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament. This was reported TASS the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

Obama said about the correctness of his opinions about Putin

Barack Obama President Barack Obama believes that properly been evaluated by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He stated this in an interview with ABC News, commenting on the us intelligence report about ostensibly taking place Russian interference in the elections. The President agreed with the conclusions of the report and confirmed that he is convinced of the fact of intervention. Thus, according to him, most of them underestimated misinformation and hacking hacking. Obama gave a negative answer to the question of whether he misjudged Putin. “I don’t think underestimated. But I believe I underestimated the extent to which new information era, misinformation and break-ins can affect our open society, our open system,” Obama said. January 6 was published declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA, in which he argued that Putin personally ordered to organize a campaign to influence the political process in the United

The Bashkir inspectors will check the death of a child after riding a roller coaster

In the Bashkir city of Davlekanovo five-year-old boy suffered a head injury on a slide, and two days later died. On this fact the investigative Department of the TFR in the Republic has initiated a preliminary inquiry, reported on the Agency’s website on Sunday, 8 January. It was found that 3 Jan a child sledding down the hill and hit his head. According to his mother, doctors from the city hospital had underestimated the severity of the injury. Later the boy was transported to the Republican hospital in Ufa, but despite medical assistance he died. Investigators establish the circumstances of the incident, the cause of death of the child and of persons who may be involved in it. In September 2016 Moscow region investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of provision of health services, entailed on imprudence death of five girls. August 22, her parents went to the