In Krasnoyarsk the village died “Siberian Robinson”

Mikhail Baburin

In the Krasnoyarsk region died the only resident of the village of mykhailivka Mikhail Baburin, which the media called “Siberian Robinson” reports

Baburin died on the 6th of January, on the eve of his 67th birthday. The words stayed with him in the time son Denis, the man became ill when he went to feed the sheep. Presumably, the cause of death was heart problems.

As the “7 channel Krasnoyarsk”, the head of the village Council of the neighboring Georgievka Sergei Panarin noted that the organization of the funeral Baburin had to sell his animals and property. In the near future in Mikhaylovka will shut off power lines, and it will cease to exist.

In December 2016 Baburin became the hero of the material the British newspaper The Independent. It was reported that he was born in Mikhailovka, and later worked at the Krasnoyarsk plant, but in 2000 returned to the village. More than ten years he was its only resident. Baburin kept the dog, cat, sheep and chickens.