The body of a 12-year-old boy found in the East of Moscow

In Moscow started checking into the death of 12-year-old boy. About it “” reported in the Saturday, January 7, in the main Investigative Committee in the city.

The body of a child found in the evening near one of the houses on the street Perovskoy. The investigators reported injuries consistent with falling from a considerable height.

At the present time are the circumstances of the incident, interview the parents of the victim and possible witnesses.

As reported “Lente.Roux,” a source, the boy was found dead after he went for a walk. Presumably, the child had climbed on the roof, but slipped and fell. The audit will set the degree of fault of officials of the operating company that are required to monitor the unavailability of attics and basements, he added.

At the end of December in the apartment building on the South-West of Moscow, was found the body of a boy of ten with signs of violent death. Guilty to the crime detainee has acknowledged a 17-year-old brother of the deceased.

According to some sources, the suspect had a conflict with her mother. The younger brother stood up for her, then senior suffocated him with a package and disappeared. All in the family had three children.