A U.S. intelligence report in the state Duma called an insult to American public opinion


RIA “Vladim”

The head of the Duma Committee on information policy, Leonid Levin believes a direct insult to the American public opinion statements N. I. saying that the Russian media could seriously affect the outcome of the presidential election.

Recall, on the eve was published the report of US intelligence about the “Russian interference” in the elections, the majority of which is devoted to Sputnik and RT. The evidence, as usual, is not given, although Moscow has repeatedly denied such allegations and asked for confirmation.

“Allegations that the Russian information resources could seriously affect the opinion of the American voter, are a direct insult to the American public opinion. Even more humiliating for the entire American political system the actual statement that the publication of a few facts about one of the parties has become a threat to the bicentennial of the American state,” said Levin, RIA Novosti reported.