USA in 2016 dropped more than 26 thousand bombs on seven countries

American bomber B-52

USA for 2016 dropped 26 171 bomb in seven countries, the largest number of them were in Syria. This is stated in the report, the American expert on foreign policy and national security Mickey Zenko (Micah Zenko), published on the website of the Council on foreign relations.

According to the expert, 192 12 bombs were dropped in Syria. 12 095 applied in Iraq, 1337 — in Afghanistan, 496 — in Libya, 34 — in Yemen, 12 in Somali, and 3 in Pakistan.

In 2015, according to the author of the report, the United States dropped bombs on 3027 less. In addition, while the list was not Libya.

Zenko emphasizes that we are talking about low numbers, as during a single stroke may be dropped several bombs, and reliable data is only in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. Information on Syria and Iraq specialist has collected from the reports of the Pentagon and the Internet archive.

The Central command of the Armed forces of the United States heads the operation, code-named Inherent Resolve (“resoluteness”), the purpose of which is to destroy the group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). It was started in 2014 in Iraq in June in Syria in September.