Trump felt foolish opponents of good relations with Russia

Donald Trump

The US President-elect Donald trump called good a good relationship with Russia. This was the Republican wrote on Saturday, January 7, on his Twitter page.

“To have good relations with Russia is a good thing, not bad. Only “stupid” people or fools may believe that it’s bad!” — the politician considers.

According to him, the US has “enough problems around the world.” While the Republican promised that during his reign “Russia will respect us much more than now.”

He added that “both countries will work together on addressing some of the serious and pressing problems and issues of world importance”.

6 January, the Republican expressed confidence that hackers did not affect the result of the elections of the President. He also called a “witch hunt” statements about the Russian cyber attacks on American organizations.

December 29, 2016, the United States imposed sanctions against a number of citizens and organizations of Russia, including the Federal security service, and sent 35 of Russian diplomats and their family members. On the same day the national security Agency (NSA) and Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) published a joint paper in which he accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the cyber attacks. Moscow all accusations of this kind consistently rejects.

U.S. presidential election, in which the representative of the Republicans trump has bypassed the competitor from the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, was held November 8, 2016. The inauguration of the new President scheduled for January 20.