Communal accident in the Queen has left without heat of about 60 houses

About 60 apartment buildings in Korolev near Moscow were left without heating as a result of communal accident, which occurred early Saturday morning, January 7. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the administration of the science city.

Mass shutdown occurred at approximately 06:30. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in most houses the heat supply was restored within a half hour. “16 houses remained. But the situation is not critical, everything is under control, the forecast of their connections — 16:00”, — he said.

In homes that still lack heat, there are about a thousand people.

The place of the accident are excavation and welding work. They involve about 80 people and 15 vehicles.

On the night of January 7, the weather forecasters promised residents of the capital region frosts to a minus of 35 degrees. In the Moscow management of the Ministry warned that in such conditions increases the likelihood of fires and utility failures, and traffic accidents.

January 6 in the suburbs of the accident at the substation left without light about 100 thousand people in Lyubertsy and Kotelniki. “Interfax” reports that after the restoration of power supply and start the hot water breakthrough heating on one of the streets, several houses were left without heating. Utilities promise to return to the house warm for hours.