AFU continue to fire at militia positions in the area debaltseve

Ukrainian security forces continued attempts to dislodge the LC unit with raznymi positions near the settlement Debaltsevo. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the representative of the people’s militia of the Republic Andrey Marochko.   “Kiev security forces as at 23.00 do not stop the shelling of our positions from almost all types of weapons, trying to knock out units of people’s militia from their positions,” said Marochko.   He also emphasized that the militia has enough forces and means to repel any attempts of Ukraine to break through their positions.   18 Dec APU attempted offensive near Debaltsevo to Svetlodarsk so-called arc. The attack was repulsed by the LC. According to militia, the Ukrainian security forces not less than 10 people were killed and about 20 wounded. Official data from the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers of the 54th brigade, participated in the operation, say

A truck crashed into a crowd at Christmas market in Central Berlin

A truck crashed into a crowd at Christmas market in Central Berlin In the centre of Berlin drove a truck into a crowd of people at the Christmas Bazaar, which is near the gedächtniskirche Church. According to police, on Monday evening, December 19, 9 people died. 16фотографий16фотографий16фотографий At least 50 received injuries of varying severity, said the rescuers. Destroyed several stalls. The police considers the incident a terrorist attack. One of the suspects arrested Law enforcement authorities established that in the cab of the truck, which drove through the Bazaar 50-80 meters, there were two persons. One of them, who was in the passenger seat, found dead. The second suspect managed to be detained near the scene, is now checked whether he was in the car, said the police DW. According to DW, the truck was a Polish registration number. The owner of the Polish company that owns the trailer

In Rospotrebnadzor explained how to protect yourself from the flu

In Rospotrebnadzor explained how to protect yourself from the flu MOSCOW, 20 Dec — RIA Novosti. Chief sanitary doctor of Russia, head of Rospotrebnadzor told RIA Novosti about how the Russians can protect themselves in a period of high incidence of influenza and SARS. Last week Russia completed the campaign, almost 40% of the population had been vaccinated against the flu. Last week, according to Popova, the epidemic threshold incidence of influenza and SARS exceeded in 29 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, while the virus is spreading fastest among children. First, you need to limit its participation in public events and places of a mass congestion of the population, if it is inevitable, it is necessary to wear a mask, wash hands frequently, you need to wash your face, you need to return home or, if possible, the workplace to rinse the nasal passages with salted Vodogray sanitary doctor

Reuters: who shot the Russian Ambassador in Turkey was a policeman in Ankara

Reuters: who shot the Russian Ambassador in Turkey was a policeman in Ankara MOSCOW/ANKARA, 19 Dec. /TASS/. Killer Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Andrey Karlov was an ex-officer of the Turkish police mevlüt MERT Altıntaş, he was dismissed from law enforcement agencies in the investigation of the coup attempt, which occurred July 15. It is reported today news portal HaberTurk. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий According to the newspaper, 22-year-old man was member of a terrorist organization, FETO. Earlier, Reuters reported that the man who shot the Russian Ambassador in Turkey, was a policeman in Ankara. At the same time, according to TV channel NTV, the man entered the venue of the exhibition, where he played Ambassador, under the guise of police, however, charged the attackers identity could be forged. The attacker was killed. He was found with police ID. Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov. Dossier

Zakharova called demoniac supporting the murderer of the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey

© Kirill Zharov/TASS MOSCOW, December 20. /TASS/. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called demon-possessed officials and public figures speaking in support of the murderer of the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov. She wrote about this on his page in social network Facebook. “I was asked to comment on statements by officials, public figures, launched in a number of countries information campaign, expressing support for the murderer of the Russian Ambassador she said. – I will not comment on it. Possessed – not my diocese”. “We have received thousands of letters, telegrams, and phone calls from ordinary people, journalists, leaders of States with words of sympathy, support, and harsh condemnation of the attack. Thank you for what you shared our pain,” – said Zakharov.

Media reported about the failure of trump to include Russia in the list of major threats

Donald Trump The administration elected President of the United States Donald trump is not included in the list of major threats to the national security of the United States. It is reported by Foreign Policy (FP) with reference to the document, which appeared in a publication. In the list, listing the defense priorities of the new administration, the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), development of new cybersecurity strategies, as well as reducing the budget deficit. In addition, the document mentions briefings with representatives of the Pentagon on China and North Korea. Analytical note, as noted by FP, was prepared in accordance with the rating policy priority of the future authority in the field of security. The list of threats according to their priority has been given to the Pentagon by one of the representatives of the transition team trump. A source in the

The man in the night in Anapa at full speed flies in the post: video

In Anapa the car at high speed drove into a pole. Accident caught on camera car recorder going after. The footage shows how the driver at high speed trying to overtake, but can not cope with the control of the car and flies into the post.   Several drivers who witnessed the accident, stopped their cars and rushed to help. According to preliminary data, the car was just the driver. He was conscious. Arrived at the scene of the incident an ambulance took the victim to the hospital. Video: Catherine Didora / YouTube

Entering the crowd in Berlin, the truck driver arrested

Entering the crowd in Berlin, the truck driver arrested The alleged driver of the truck that crashed into a crowd at the market in the center of Berlin, was detained by police, reports Reuters with reference to N24. The second was in the cab of the truck people were killed. 16фотографий16фотографий16фотографий As previously reported by the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, citing the police, after stopping the truck, both were in person I ran away from the scene. One of them went to the Berlin Tiergarten Park.

RT took the nature of Kamchatka in the format 360 degrees

RT took the nature of Kamchatka in the format 360 degrees The stunning landscapes of the Peninsula are caught in the lens of the panoramic camera. MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. On the RT came out the panoramic film “Journey to Kamchatka 360,” in which viewers will see the stunning wilderness of the Peninsula, captured with the most modern technology. RT invites the audience to explore the most picturesque places of Kamchatka and enjoying the beautiful view from the height of bird flight. Mountain ranges of the Peninsula, sea of Okhotsk, Pacific ocean — all captured in a unique panoramic format. RT one of the first among the world’s news media began producing videos in the format 360 degrees. In November 2016 RT the world’s first “sent” the audience into the space in the framework of the special project “Space 360”, launched jointly with the state Corporation Roscosmos and

CNN has predicted a victory to trump the vote of the electors

CNN has predicted a victory to trump the vote of the electors WASHINGTON, 19 Dec — RIA Novosti. CNN reported that it did not expect surprises with the vote of the electors on the nomination of the President of the United States in connection with doubts about the veracity of the first phase of elections. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий According to the forecast channel, the vote on Monday will be “normal”. U.S. elections are a two-stage character. The voters in the elections do not vote for specific policies, but for “electors”, who later is supposed to support and approve his candidacy. To win the necessary 270 electoral votes out of 538. The vote of electors held on 19 December, the announcement of the election results will happen in Congress on January 6. In the presidential election November 8, Donald trump scored 306 votes of the electors of the state against 232 Democrat Hillary