CNN has predicted a victory to trump the vote of the electors

CNN has predicted a victory to trump the vote of the electors

WASHINGTON, 19 Dec — RIA Novosti. CNN reported that it did not expect surprises with the vote of the electors on the nomination of the President of the United States in connection with doubts about the veracity of the first phase of elections.


According to the forecast channel, the vote on Monday will be “normal”.

U.S. elections are a two-stage character. The voters in the elections do not vote for specific policies, but for “electors”, who later is supposed to support and approve his candidacy. To win the necessary 270 electoral votes out of 538. The vote of electors held on 19 December, the announcement of the election results will happen in Congress on January 6.

In the presidential election November 8, Donald trump scored 306 votes of the electors of the state against 232 Democrat Hillary Clinton. In the past, there were cases when some electors voted contrary to the rule that all the votes from that state go to the winner, but it’s never influenced the outcome of the vote. The Constitution does not prevent the electors to break the will of the voters, but in several States there are laws relevant content on the constitutionality of which has still not yet come to a decision.

However, this time, according to Politico, by Tuesday night local time in the group of electors who require special services to conduct a secret briefing about a possible foreign intervention in the presidential election, composed of 54 electors from the Democrats (of the 232) and one Republican from Texas Chris Sapran. The greatest number of electors, who demanded a briefing from the States of California, new York, Massachusetts, and all four electors of the state of new Hampshire.

However, on the morning of the 19th Dec information about this briefing or that he was planning to spend was not.