The number of Turkish asylum seekers in Germany has doubled

Over 4.4 thousand Turkish citizens sought asylum in Germany this year. Such data are cited by the German Federal office for migration and refugees. About it reports on Friday, November 18, The Local. This figure is two times more than last year: while the number of asylum seekers from Turkey were 1767 people. At the same time, according to a member party, the Christian social Union (CSU), Stefan Mayer, it is possible that the number of Turks who will turn to Germany in search of asylum, will only continue to grow. “We will not solve the problems of Turkey, inviting all the citizens who criticize the regime, and allowing them to apply for asylum (…) We should not provide such a favor to President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, because that’s exactly what he wants — to get rid of opposition,” said Meyer. The politician criticized the recent statement of head the

French MP: Russia should be a full part of the new Europe

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia should be part of the future of Europe and to play an important role, said the Deputy of the French National Assembly from the party “national front” Marion maréchal-Le Pen. “Our task is not to destroy the European idea, and to build a different Europe, which will be based on the respect of peoples, sovereignty, identity. And in this European project, Russia should take its rightful place because she’s our ally in terms of civilization, we have common interests that must be protected together. Bad relations with Russia — not in the interests of France,” said the Marechal-Le Pen Sputnik France. She expressed hope that France will be able to achieve the political turn after the vote for Brexit, the victory of Donald trump in US elections and the change of course in the result of the electoral campaigns in several European countries. “Cases of Brexit

“Tornadoes”, “Hurricanes” and “Iskander”: armed “gods of war”

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