The Irkutsk Governor has supported the project on sarubbo burnt forest at lake Baikal



IRKUTSK, August 29 — RIA Novosti. The natural resources Ministry proposed the draft law on amendments to the Federal law “On protection of lake Baikal”, allowing clear cutting of burned forests in the environmental area is essential, said the Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko during a meeting with journalists.

“Forest affected by the fires need to be put in order. If this is not done, the sick trees will become a source of infection the same the Siberian silkworm, with which we today are struggling intensely. But this measure should not become the subject of fraud, under the guise of the affected trees are cut down healthy trees. Therefore, Supervisory authorities will need to strictly control the situation”, — explained Levchenko.

The head of the Irkutsk region also elaborated on the theme of reforestation and reported that, together with the group “Ilim” in the region is working on intensive cultivation of forests.

Sanitary felling include a range of measures to cut down casualties from disease and fire trees. Clear cutting is carried out only if the forest ecosystem has lost its biological stability, for example, after a strong fire. After sanitary felling is carried out reforestation.