Russia will submit for consideration of the UN General Assembly of the international rule of cyber security



Russia plans to submit for consideration by the UN General Assembly, the international standards of cybersecurity in mid-September, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the special representative of the President of Russia on international cooperation in the field of information security Andrey Krutskikh.

Russia before bring up for discussion in the General Assembly, will test the proposed measures on the BRICS, CSTO and SCO. Simultaneously with the verification of the effectiveness of these measures, the Russian side intends to continue to promote the theme of standards of cybersecurity in the UN.

The BRICS summit will be held 3-5 September in China. There, according to Krutskikh, will be taken “very important decisions” regarding the proposed rule. 72nd session of the UN General Assembly will start on September 12 at the headquarters of the United Nations.

“At the General Assembly the subject to be discussed. But very important decisions will be taken in the first week of September when going to the BRICS. There will be published a very interesting proposal. The rules of conduct nobody refuses, and we continue to work on their implementation”, — said Krutskikh.

Krutskikh earlier reported that international norms on cybersecurity endorsed by the majority of countries in the UN, however, the adoption of these rules is complicated because of the position of the United States and several other countries.