In the capital the Botanical gardens found the corpse of a man

In the forest at the Botanical garden of the city of Moscow found the body of an unknown man. This was reported Agency city news “Moscow” in the capital cupola MIA on Monday 28 August.

According to the source Agency in law enforcement bodies, to determine the cause of death the corpse was taken to the morgue.

The investigators were engaged in clarification of circumstances of the incident.

On 18 August it was reported that intelligence officers learned from the Neva in St.-Petersburg the body of a man tied to the neck of the valve. The corpse washed up on Malookhtinsky embankment in the Central area of the city. The death of the man who was about 45-50 years old, allegedly, came a few weeks ago.

29 July on the banks of the Moscow river near the street Borisov Ponds in the precincts of the capital, found two black plastic bag with the remains of a woman. A few days later, on the same side, found another eight packets, and the two cemented a cardboard box with the remains of a man and a fragment of the pelvic bone of another human.