Named the most wealthy wives of Russian civil servants

Gulsina Minnikhanov

Forbes Woman presented the rating of Russian wives of civil servants who declared the highest income at the end of 2016.

Topped the list the wife of the head of Tatarstan Gulsina Minnikhanov, whose income amounted to 2,351 billion. In her co-owned company is “Luciano”, which includes a Spa complex, a hotel, a restaurant and a fitness club. At the same time, the income of Rustam Minnikhanov for the last year amounted to 7.5 million rubles.

The second position is the spouse of the Deputy of Ulan-Ude city Council Raisa Nonsense, earned 1,924 billion roubles that more than twice exceeds the income of her husband Vadim Srednego (903 million rubles). According to the newspaper, the businesswoman has been managing Director of the company “Titan”. It includes the network of more than 40 grocery stores, meat processing factory, fishery, pastry shop, restaurant and a fitness centre.

Third place at the wife of the Governor of the Bryansk region Olga Bogomaz (864 million). She is the co-owner of the farm “Bogomaz”, producing potatoes, writes Forbes. The income of her husband Alexander Bogomaz was 3.6 million rubles.

In addition, in a rating consisting of 10 items, became the wife of the General Director of “Rostec” Ekaterina Ignatova. The main source of income, Forbes named the Bank’s shares to IFC. In 2016, its revenue four times higher than the income of Sergey Chemezov and built 848,5 million rubles. In fifth place — the co-owner of the companies entering into holding “the Leader of Group”, Elena Nekrasova with an income of 646 million rubles. Her husband, state Duma Deputy Alexander Nikolaev earned in 2016 and 4.9 million rubles.

In mid-July, Forbes Women presented the top 10 richest Russian officials and female politicians at the end of 2016. First line it took the Deputy from “United Russia” Tatyana Solomatina. The MP has earned more than 56 million rubles.