In Khabarovsk fired forced passengers to wash the green taxi drivers

Khabarovsk taxi cab company “Maxim” stopped cooperation with the drivers, which forced passengers to wash the green paint. The head of the far Eastern Association of carriers taxi Alexander Sadkov Monday, August 28, reported RIA Novosti.

“We appealed to the head of dispatching service Maxim Shusharina from the city of Kurgan with a request to sever a partnership with these taxi drivers. And that was done. The guide agrees with us, so that should not happen,” — said Cages.

He added that this situation has largely been possible due to the lack of legal regulation in the field of transportation. “Special laws regulating these matters, we need at least at the regional level, and the industry that needs to be controlled. There are positive examples in other regions have adopted such laws, and industry-induced order,” he explained. According to Sadkova, the bill was sent to the regional Duma even before this case.

Earlier in regional management of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported about the conduct of the preliminary investigation after the emergence of online video bullying the passengers.

A recording in which a man makes of clients who failed to pay for the trip, rubbed green paint, appeared online on August 27. According to the staff, the passengers — two women and a young man. Near the car is another man, probably also a taxi driver. The person filming, says that the victims “in Vyazemsk necessary” (apparently this refers to the town of Vyazemsky, located 130 kilometers from the regional center).