The German foreign Minister was suspected of being a Nazi because of the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”

Sigmar Gabriel

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, has finished congratulations to the independence Day of Ukraine the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” who during the Second world war as a greeting used by the militants of the OUN and UPA (both organizations are banned in Russia). The attention this drew the journal Blauer Bote.

Congratulations to Gabriel, available on the Ministry website. Extract with this motto was quoted as saying in the official account of the Ministry in Twitter.

Excerpt from congratulations Gabriel, quoted in the account of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany in Twitter Screenshot: @AuswaertigesAmt / Twitter “26 years ago today, Ukraine declared itself independent. Congratulations to all Ukrainians. Glory To Ukraine!” 1/2

“”Glory To Ukraine!”? You tweeted a Nazi slogan? Germany returns to the roots? I hope not,” wrote in the comments one of the German users.

Another user pointed out that, for example, the Polish foreign Ministry in his greeting did not use this slogan.

The phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” with the answer “glory to Heroes!”, combined with the pulling up of the right hand was adopted as the institutional password, the welcome to the members of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) during world war II. It was made in the image of the Nazi greeting that was common in Nazi Germany.

Again the slogan “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!” became popular during the Euromaidan protests of 2014 in Ukraine. It is used as the nationalists and officials, including President Petro Poroshenko.