In the United States canceled the rally after threats of dog lovers to make a “fecal protest”

Dog lovers in San Francisco

American advocacy group Patriot Prayer (“the Prayer of a patriot”), which unites the right-wing activists canceled a rally in San Francisco, which was to be held on Saturday, August 26. This decision was taken after threats by local dog owners to make a “protest feces,” reports The Guardian.

The organizers explaining the reasons for its cancellation, citing security concerns. Social activists said that the event will be moved to the neighboring town of Berkeley on Sunday.

“We will put all our energy and resources in Berkeley. This is the best way, where we not risk falling into the trap,” said party Patriot and a Prayer rally organizer Joe Gibson. Later, however, the organizers asked people not to come to their event, “No Marxism in America” because of fears for the safety of participants, adds the newspaper.

According to the publication, thousands of residents of San Francisco had intended to hold a contraction. They planned to dance, to March and to rally against “right-wing extremism”. Several hundred people directly announced that the pre will come with dogs favorite Patriot Prayer area and will be there to walk them. Such sentiments have caused serious concern to local authorities against the background of recent events in Charlottesville.

12 August in Charlottesville had to pass the rally far-right, but a few hours before the neo-Nazis held a spontaneous torchlight procession. They demanded from local authorities to refuse the demolition of the monument to General Robert Edward Lee (party civil war between the North and the South of the USA) who fought for the Confederacy. After that, the city erupted in riots, which injured 15 people. Later on the March against the far-right rally car at high speed drove into a crowd, killing one person, another 19 were injured.