Chief Rabbi of Russia reminded about the impossibility to make all the money


High social status and great wealth does not bring happiness, says chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. His opinion was shared in the journal “Lehaim”, writes “Interfax”.

Lazar reminded that all not make any money, and said that he knows many people who are rich but miserable. “Their consuming fear of losing their belongings, and even more — the fear that their love is not and their money!” — said the Rabbi.

According to him, all spiritual and material values of life have a real meaning only in the context of finding happiness. “But happiness can be attained only in the ways of the Lord, joyful service to Him. If this does not help any other values,” concluded Lazar.

In February 2015, the Rabbi expressed the opinion that over the last 15 years of life in the Jewish community in Russia has become one of the most comfortable in the world, reported TASS. According to Lazar, the credit for this belongs, in particular, the leadership of the country.