147 my dates as I was looking for a pair and what came of it

147 my dates as I was looking for a pair and what came of it

Radmila Hakova (33 years old, Kazan) decided to go on 147 dates, to find his man, and the answer to the question, do I need to do today to look for a mate. The project lasts almost a year: Radmila goes on three dates a week in different cities around the world and every Tuesday sends readers a new Chapter. The book is almost ready — two weeks and one, final story. Today we publish the penultimate Chapter of the book “147 dates”. You read it first.

The Japanese do not want to have sex — I understand them. The Japanese don’t want a long relationship — and short too. Don’t want a family. Don’t want kids. Realize the doom of any relationship and they choose not to join: the last 13 years, the birth rate falls, the population of their country is rapidly declining and will soon be reduced to third. Well, not very soon, but in 50 years (I was 83).

Parents are desperate: I just turned 30, and my mom said, “Goes somewhere around the world your man is looking for you and could not find the way”. Since then, the thought of it is driving me crazy: it is unlikely, of course, but what if it is? What if he really is?

I love and know how to live alone, to travel, to learn, to work, to go to museums, have a lot of friends, but there is a caveat: I still want (want) to be together.

Muscovites almost like the Japanese too, do not want relationship, but still want to have sex all the time and know where to take it. I don’t know how to avoid long effects and don’t always understand (sometimes in Moscow — forest) how to avoid future inconveniences and children, responsibility for children, families, child support, family responsibilities, monitoring, madenci, depression, additional costs.

Well, let’s say he is. If he can’t find me (I think), I’ll go and find it. Here’s the plan: three times a week, every month change the city.

— Not afraid to scare him? — ask.

Why would I be shy? — answer. I need to become noticeable to my man recognized me and chose — so I’ll write it as it is. 18 mobile applications, services offline Dating, speed-Dating, the recommendation of friends.