The UN has reported the interception of two shipments from the DPRK to Syria

Over the last six months were intercepted two shipments from North Korea to the Syrian government Agency with responsibility for a program to develop chemical weapons in the country. On this, as it became known to Reuters, said the confidential UN report on the violation of sanctions against North Korea.

The report was compiled by a panel of independent UN experts and presented at the beginning of this month the security Council. It is noted that in a 37-page document does not contain detailed information about what occurred violations of the regime and what goods were trying to deliver to Syria.

“Two member States [of the UN] court was intercepted EN route to Syria. Another member state informed the Commission that it has reason to believe that the product was part of the contract KOMID with Syria,” the report said.

“The consignee was the Syrian organization named the European Union and the United States as the company representing the Syrian scientific research center (SSRC), the Syrian institution that was established by the Commission as cooperating with KOMID under the previous supply of prohibited items”, — said the expert.

KOMID (Korean mining and trading company), was blacklisted by the security Council in 2009 as a key arms supplier and exporter of equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons. In March 2016 the SAT also included in the black list two representatives of KOMID in Syria.

On 5 August the security Council adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against Pyongyang. From now on, the DPRK is prohibited export of coal, iron, lead, and seafood. Accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the Republic frozen North Korean vessels that violated UN resolutions, denied entry to the ports of all States.

The proposal to introduce new sanctions against Pyongyang were introduced by the United States. In Washington explained this response to the launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles North Korea.