Khabarovsk rivederci asked not to deprive them of their freedom

Supernumerary case on the massacre of animals in Khabarovsk region were asked to assign a punishment not related to deprivation of liberty. This was reported by lawyer Jacob Pushkarev, representing the interests of the injured party, on Tuesday, August 22, reports TASS.

The lawyer added that the last word both defendants pleaded guilty. He himself, he said, insisted on real imprisonment term. “I fully agree with the sentence proposed by the public Prosecutor, believe that it is in the nature and degree of public danger of the crimes they committed”, he said. “I very much doubt the ability of the corrections defendants, however, perhaps prolonged detention in places of deprivation of liberty will produce in their minds a simple chain: the killing of an animal entails criminal punishment,” — said Pushkarev.

Earlier it became known that one of the girls, the prosecution is asking for one of the defendants punishment in the form of 7,5 years of a colony for the first time 6 years and 20 days.

The case is considered closed, as supernumerary at the time of the crimes (summer of 2016) was a minor.