Poklonskaya explained why the Church does not evaluate the situation around, “Matilda”

The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya finds that the Orthodox Church does not assess the situation around the film directed by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, as separated from the state under the Constitution. In her words, individual members of the Church clearly stated its position in this matter.

“All told, and spelled out in the Constitution, we’re a secular state. The separation of Church and state, therefore, the position of the Russian Orthodox Church clearly and precisely stated in the words of its representatives”, — quotes kp.ru Poklonsky.

According to the MP, she’s written position on the “Matilda” of the Saint, Archimandrite Abbot of the Russian on mount Athos of Eulogy.

“And he’s nothing but an insult and mockery of the feelings of believers, this film can not be called. He hasn’t seen it — watch not going. And he says to watch it. Do you know why? Because the idea already, the idea that the topic is based on dishonest hearsay. Is deliberately provocative,” she said.

Poklonski also added that this position coincides with the opinion of other hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, the priest of Alexander Volkov in an interview to RT, discussing the situation surrounding the film “Matilda”, stressed that the Church should not evaluate cultural phenomena, however, in his opinion, the film can hit home.