Hating Muslims the Senator came to the Australian Parliament in a burqa

Pauline Hanson

Leader of the Australian far-right party “One nation”, Senator Pauline Hanson came to the meeting of Parliament in a burqa. On Thursday, August 17, reports BBC News.

So she wanted to encourage other deputies to support the initiative of her party to ban the wearing of the burqa in public places. The Prosecutor-General George Brandis has condemned the “trick” Hanson warned her that it might hurt 500 thousand Muslims living in Australia.

“Make fun of them, to corner, to mock their attire is just disgusting. I would advise you to think over what you did. (…) No, Senator Hanson, we are not forbidden to wear a veil,” said Brandis. His words were met with an ovation by the representatives of other parties.

According to BBC News, later the Senator took off the veil.

Hanson, first elected to Parliament in 1996, has been at the center of scandals because of its sharp anti-Muslim statements. In particular, in 2016, she said that Australia was “overrun with Muslims”.