Society of disabled people have suspected the restaurant at the Ostankino tower in discrimination

Any restaurant should provide access for all, including for persons with disabilities, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Russian society of invalids (VOI) Mikhail Terentiev on Friday, August 11. Thus he commented on the refusal of the employees to let the blind girl at the school, located at the Ostankino tower.

“If the restaurant has a public service under the current legislation it needs to make this service available to all. Therefore, I think that there are violations against regulations — safety procedures, or something. I think the CPS or the Prosecutor’s office can fix this situation,” — said Terentyev.

However, he admitted that to get to the restaurant could prevent the human factor. “We sometimes see people with disabilities and immediately get scared, and me such stories was when a wheelchair was not allowed in the subway a few decades ago”, — said the Chairman of the VOI.

On Thursday evening, August 10, blind Muscovite was Given Merzlyakova are unable to get to the restaurant “Seventh heaven”, located at the Ostankino tower, reported RIA Novosti. The girl was not allowed on the observation deck that you can walk through. “At the time of purchase of tickets they didn’t let me, saying that persons with disabilities first and second groups using a white cane, are not permitted to visit because of the difficulty of evacuation in case of emergencies. Supposedly the rules they have not only internal, they are registered, the Ministry of emergency situations”, — said the girl, noting that she was accompanied by a sighted friend.

In fact the incident was initiated preliminary examination, reported on the website of the capital’s Central Directorate of the Investigative Committee. It is planned to establish the causes and circumstances of the incident.